Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas Return Line – Party of One

How in the world do I already find myself in the Christmas return line?

I’ll tell you how, I bought clothes for my 16-year-old and then showed her my choices. (Insert gong noise here)

I had scored a great coupon to one of my favorite stores so I decided to do some Christmas shopping. This isn’t early for me, typically I have most of Christmas bought at this point – I clearance shop a LOT. This was easier when my shopping list was full of little toy loving babies, who didn’t care what their clothes looked like.

I took her and her friend shopping and just happened to point at every item I bought, and said in a stupid voice, “Oh, this would be cute on you.” EVERY item I showed her she frowned like it had a butterfly collar.

OHHHH crap, I’m the mom in the Will Smith song, “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Crap, Crap, Crap…

I confessed to her, and she ended up picking out all the things that I had snarled at; at first. They were cute after…well, I’m sure when she opens the boxes on Christmas morning they will be super cute.

In other Thomas family business:

The boy started basketball this week. The good news is he discovered that he likes Axe deodorant…he likes it three times a day: morning, before and after basketball practice. He smells like a gigolo when I pick him up. I’m sure to a person without a chemical allergy this kid is rockin’!!!

We spent Fall Break at home except for a day at Jackson’s Orchard; the land of the bestest apple butter in the entire world. I mean that – I’ve tried it all.

We took my nephews with us. Nolan told me all about his money store. His brother collects rare coins and Nolan’s understanding is somewhere between wanting money/all coins are worth BIG money. He decided to tape coins together and put yard sale stickers on his pre-packaged money. His mother shopped and paid $1 for two quarters. He bagged 20 pennies and put a $20 sticker on it.

I think I know where I’m shopping for Christmas!

He also informed me that he was going to marry a thousand girls 'cause he likes to kiss a lot. It's good to be six...

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