Friday, September 21, 2012

Caught on Camera

Your first thoughts of my dress? I ask so later in the blog you can compare your thoughts with my sons.
I was tagged in this photo by the events photographer. Yes, that’s me, the girl on the clean eating diet and here I am pushing my way through the crowd headed to the dessert table – true story. Thanks for reminding me Linda that I have no self control.

I had to cover the Annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner tonight which featured all the county's business leaders and special guest, Tom Mabe (CMT’s Comedian from Mabe in America). He was hilarious.

I always enjoy this event, it’s encouraging to see a room full of leaders come together and present awards to several they feel did something that has impacted the area. I love my community and the older I get, the more I respect these people who are our business leaders/politicians.

It was a packed house, barley room to walk through the maze of tables. Local musicians provided soft background music and a local caterer, coupled with DECA students, served a home-cooked meal.

I came home to find my boys watching X Factor. I walk behind the counter to kiss my husband when the boy says, “I like your shirt mom – you look like a transformer.”

Here I thought all the stares I recieved was for my new hairdo…but now I realize everyone was waiting for me to turn into a car and roll out the door.

If I were Transformer I’d want to be one of those sassy, little, two door Mercedes…very cool - BUT, I’d probably be a stupid Smart Car. I probably wouldn’t be a car-at-all. My luck, I’d be a dumb can opener.

Favorite Quote of the Day: I stay in shape by doing Yoga two or three times a week. And by “doing Yoga” I really mean shaving my legs.

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