Sunday, August 19, 2012

A True American Hero

I met a man with a glass eye, a limp and a very soft voice due to being legally deaf. Scars wrap his face and he has two canes. One is to help with his balance and the other because he is legally blind.

Meeting this man has changed me.

He endured this trauma to his body for me…and for you.

He was a strong healthy man before he was in seven bomb blasts. He was an American soldier.

Now, after suffering the last blast and two years in hospitals putting him back together, he has written four books, two of which I have read.

MSG. Gordon Ewell writes in his first book, a book of poems – most of which he wrote while in Iraq, about his five daughters and their mother, his beautiful bride. These poems speak the love of his heart that he has for his wife, a life that seems like a fairy tale love.

I got to interview “Gordy” a couple of weeks ago and it was my honor. But I noticed in the second book I read, a story of how he functions with a Traumatic Brain Injury every day, and his life after the war, he doesn’t mention his wife. I didn’t see a wedding band on his hand during the interview. I didn’t ask what happened to his marriage but I was later told by another veteran that he is divorced.

I can only assume it was due to the very large burden of dealing with his injuries and new life.

I can’t stop thinking how he gave more than he ever considered. You hear how soldiers know the risk they are taking. A risk of death, but I wonder if they ever considered being wounded so severely that they didn’t die, but they lived; lived to see the life they knew before the war, die.

I am thankful I got the opportunity to meet Gordon. I have a renewed and deepened respect/concern for our warriors…America’s Heroes.

Gordon’s books are his way of reaching out to his “brothers” of war. He explains that suicide has killed more soldiers than the enemy. He is hoping to tell his story and bring awareness to civilians about what wounded warriors will experience for the rest of their life. He says it best, “The day they were wounded, their war began and that fight doesn’t have an end date.”

The profit from Gordon’s books is forwarded to support wounded warriors. If you are interested in purchasing his books you can search by their titles: "Dung In My Fox Hole" and "A Lifetime At War."