Wednesday, July 4, 2012

They Almost Got Away With It

I slept a bit late this holiday morning. I got up to only three girls left in the house after days of six teenagers here. I sent the boys to mammaw’s house last night.

Cleaning was a must this morning and laundry was completed. As I walked into the boys’ room, I found this.

Take a good look, here’s a closer picture.

YES – that IS one of my good white towels with nail polish all over it. There is over 1000 square feet of house that has tile/linoleum floors but yet the perpetrators chose the boys’ carpeted floor to paint their nails.

As I tried to rouse two of the girls to ask if they knew anything about the obvious bandits that broke into our house and made this mess, I noticed colorful fingernails hanging over the railing of the top bunk-bed.

I wonder if the girls thought if they left the mess in the boys room I would think the boys’ were cross-dressing at night while I slept. The ONLY reason this plan was foiled was the above information; I sent the boys to mammaw’s house for the night, OR I would have thought it was their mess.

You almost got away with it, girls. So close, yet so far away.

The good news is I did not EXPLODE over the mess. I find this oxymoronic on this day of explosions.

Happy 4th of July, peeps.

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