Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

It wasn’t a fiddle of gold this weekend but it was a golden good time our community had under strung lights on our public square, resembling the movie scene from ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ It was the Twin Lakes National Fiddler’s Contest!

Fiddlers from all over the U.S. came to showcase their talents.

Miss Kentucky 2011, Ann-Blair Thorton emceed the pageant Friday night. The Middle Girl participated. She didn’t place but boy did she make a momma proud. She reminded me of one of those old Hollywood Barbie Dolls when she put on her new dress. I’m proud of her for trying new things.

Saturday I was a DECA mom slopping BBQ for the boosters, but not before I took the Eldest Girl to the radio station to record Saturday morning news. I came home and heated up all the BBQ before heading to the festival. I spent several years catering so the day ahead of me was not going to be foreign.

After a few hours at the DECA booth I headed over to the basketball booster’s booth to work, then onto the middle and high school volleyball booths.

After 13 hours of feeding the crowd, we collectively made several thousand dollars for all the boosters involved. Hopefully the door knocking, cookie selling, raffle begging will be reduced after this event.

I learned that I desire to learn new talents…clog dancing. The Rocky Top Revue, who dances on the Grand Ole Opry, danced for us, and they were incredible.

I learned on our morning show Thursday that my sister Carrie was a clog dancer in her teen years. Apparently she was the cloggenest queen of them all. She brought me a dress her momma handmade her in 1978, and I wore it on the show Friday morning.

At the end of the day, I headed to the softball park where the ASA State Softball Tournament was being held. Middle Girl was playing. Her last game started at midnight…we strolled home at 2:00 a.m.
The came in 2nd place - go team!

I woke up to watch church live…thank God for Potter’s Hope online technology. I finally got my old aching bones out of the bed and made my way to Louisville with my Sister Amy to visit my dad who had knee replacement surgery last Wednesday.

In other Thomas’ family business:

The boys started football yesterday. I guess it’s time to get the Charmin out and wrap them up!

Both the girls made the high school volleyball team! It’s time to start complaining about their uniform shorts being way too short!!

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