Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She's 16

26 hours of labor and a food ban during the entire episode left me one cranky 20-year-old laid in a hospital bed pleading with the being inside of me to just COME OUT!

I had waited for that anesthesiologist for 25 hours; I was not about to tell him, after my pain subsided, that this baby was ready to make her grand appearance. After the drugs were administered, I was so tired and delirious that I decided I just wanted to sleep for a couple of hours, and then I would tell them she was crowning. Makes perfect sense to a 20-year-old.

Oh how delicious those chunky, little cheeks were, with those big, brown puppy dog eyes!!! I held in my arms the very heritage of God, my baby girl.

It was an argument for the middle name; her daddy didn’t like the idea of using his great grandmothers name Olivia. Our anesthesiologist declared he and the nurses would name her if we had not decided at the time of delivery. He claimed they used the weather man’s technique of naming children in alphabetical order, like they do hurricanes. He said they were on “Q” and threw at us the name Quinn.

Daddy’s eyes lit up like he had heard Angels herald. I rolled my eyes and said I didn’t like it. The light in his eyes when he first saw her changed my mind.

This girl has been such a rock in our life. A child sent to us for many reasons. She brought us together in Holy matrimony, gave us reason to stay in the marriage at times when we would begin to reconsider the commitment, and the greatest gift she gave me was when she allowed God to use her at the age of 11.

She began to pull at my apron strings and say, “I want to be baptized. Take me to be baptized.” She was consistent for months. Eventually I bowed to what she wanted and took her to a church. What I found was my path back to my Lord Jesus Christ.

I sing a song at church occasionally called “He Came Looking for Me.” He came looking for me through my child. She really is a heritage unto God, and I am thankful to see the tape along the spine of her youth Bible and the knee imprints in the carpet on the side of her bed.

She’s 16 today. She now can go for a driver’s license and go on dates. My heart hurts at the thought of throwing her into this big world. I am hoping she will decide while taking the test that she wants to be one of those rare non-driving citizens. Someone who never gets their license.

I know God will protect her. I know he sent her to save me, my family and will continue to use her for great things.

He is an Awesome God and she is an Awesome kid.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous MQT!

Oh, AND she came with a great sense of humor...I found this altered photo of her on my iPhone one morning. (These are some of the pictures I cartoonized for her Sweet 16 party)


  1. Darling Jason, you are logged in as me ;) LOL

  2. Well lets see if I get this right this time, very well said my lovely wife, brought a tear to my eye:) Love you!