Monday, July 2, 2012

Lord, Help This Momma Pull Off Sweet 16

Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party should be harder than this…and at the same time shouldn’t be this hard. I am down to the wire and have a mixture of elements that are slowing my progress. I have some great ideas, unfortunately One Direction is already booked for the evening and the local wedding singer lost his blue ruffled tux. I told her in the car yesterday, after making a loud noise that sounded like a whale dying, that I could NOT WAIT to emcee her birthday party. She actually laughed out loud.

I would share my great ideas, but they are secrets until Friday. The problem with this is she and her friend Cady, who is sharing in the party, may not like my great ideas. If this happens, I guess I will do what I always do; blame their father.

I have a feeling that MTV isn’t going to show up to film their party. After the submission form asked for my party budget, I bet the show’s producers printed out my submission and hung it on the wall in their meeting commons and refer to it when they need a good laugh. Well, I do love to make people laugh.

I have four days to pull it off. Here’s hoping I can do it.

In other Thomas’ family business:

The eldest girl got her first full two week paycheck today – NICE!

I took six kids to my mother’s pool today and my cousin came and gave us kitchen haircuts. Love this concept. This really should be a business.

I was attacked at my friend Rita’s house on Saturday by a mosquito. It left three huge, swollen spots on my side. I’m pretty sure I killed it when I started punching myself in the side like a crazy woman as I felt it sinking its teeth into me.

I asked on facebook last night if I should cut my hair back to shorter locks or leave it long. My husband weighed in with my senior portrait being posted; hoping I would rock the high school hair again. I hadn’t seen it for many years. I looked like such a baby at 17. It’s crazy I am close to having a child this age and she, too, looks like a baby to me. I sure hope she decides to take a much longer route to growing up then I took.

I got back to my church small group tonight. I love that time with my church family but the closing prayer was/is my favorite. Lord, set me on fire so people can watch me burn…Amen.


  1. A Sweet 16, how exciting! I would totally be stresed to the max. I'm planning a 2 year olds party and it's stressing me out.

    Do mosquitos have teeth? LOL- just curious!

  2. Oh Angie, how I wish she were turning two again! I'm pretty sure this was a side looks horrible!!! LOL