Sunday, July 8, 2012

Go Get It, Rover

I found myself alone with the husband at my mother’s pool this hot afternoon. None of the kids wanted to go, so we took off alone. It was awesome! We were just chatting away and throwing this rubber rocket diving stick back & forth when I saw the husband lean back against the side of the pool, prop his elbows up on the sides and say, “Nothing like a good game of fetch with your ole lady.”

Later in the afternoon we ended up at the grocery and I was standing at the cooler section staring at the yogurt flavors when I hear over the speaker this loud, annoying voice say, “IN JUST TWO MINUTES THERE WILL BE A FREE ITEM GIVEN TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS, MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE, NOW!” From my peripheral vision I see my grocery cart crash into the cooler and I look up to see my husband’s knees and elbows high stepping around the cereal display. He looked much like this kid at the bottom of this poster:

This man makes me laugh…a lot! And this is why I love him most. Well, one of the reasons.

We made it through the Sweet 16! It was Awesome. I pulled it all together and for very little $. That makes me happy but she and her friend being happy with the results are the best.

I had a caricature cartoon drawing made of them at After it was finished they also sent me an animated version that the DJ projected on the side of the wall during the party. It was super cool. I printed 11 x 14 pictures and had all their friends sign the matting when they came into the party. The girls now have them to hang in their rooms.

I also found an app on my iPhone that turned pictures into cartoons and I printed about 50 pictures of them and their friends. I took rolls of white paper, ripped large pieces and spray painted them before taping these cartoon pictures of the kids onto them. I then hung them on the walls for decorations. I added about 50 balloons and a disco ball and Waa Laaa! Sweet 16!

Oh, we also had a professional photographer come in and setup a silly photo booth. It was so much fun, she brought in a box of props and the kids had so much fun! Can’t wait to see the finished photos!

My sister Amy made their cake and it was awesome!

The girl danced all night long. She has the best group of friends…they really are very good kids and I am proud of them.

In other Thomas’ family business:

I will step into a new ministry next week. I am guest teaching a Sunday School class of girls. I have a passion to teach young girls about God’s plan for marriage, modesty, respect and character, and how to achieve all of these in a God centered life. Prayers appreciated!

I bought .19 cent notebooks today…let the school shopping begin. Money appreciated…oh dear.

This mom & dad are not ready for a driving teenager...we will cherish the next two days before she tries for her permit.


  1. Yay for a successful Sweet 16! I was just wondering last night how it went. A driving teenager (shiver)- totally NOT fun!!!!

  2. Thanks for thinking of us, Angie ;) I am sick to my stomach about the driving part...shewww.