Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

It wasn’t a fiddle of gold this weekend but it was a golden good time our community had under strung lights on our public square, resembling the movie scene from ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ It was the Twin Lakes National Fiddler’s Contest!

Fiddlers from all over the U.S. came to showcase their talents.

Miss Kentucky 2011, Ann-Blair Thorton emceed the pageant Friday night. The Middle Girl participated. She didn’t place but boy did she make a momma proud. She reminded me of one of those old Hollywood Barbie Dolls when she put on her new dress. I’m proud of her for trying new things.

Saturday I was a DECA mom slopping BBQ for the boosters, but not before I took the Eldest Girl to the radio station to record Saturday morning news. I came home and heated up all the BBQ before heading to the festival. I spent several years catering so the day ahead of me was not going to be foreign.

After a few hours at the DECA booth I headed over to the basketball booster’s booth to work, then onto the middle and high school volleyball booths.

After 13 hours of feeding the crowd, we collectively made several thousand dollars for all the boosters involved. Hopefully the door knocking, cookie selling, raffle begging will be reduced after this event.

I learned that I desire to learn new talents…clog dancing. The Rocky Top Revue, who dances on the Grand Ole Opry, danced for us, and they were incredible.

I learned on our morning show Thursday that my sister Carrie was a clog dancer in her teen years. Apparently she was the cloggenest queen of them all. She brought me a dress her momma handmade her in 1978, and I wore it on the show Friday morning.

At the end of the day, I headed to the softball park where the ASA State Softball Tournament was being held. Middle Girl was playing. Her last game started at midnight…we strolled home at 2:00 a.m.
The came in 2nd place - go team!

I woke up to watch church live…thank God for Potter’s Hope online technology. I finally got my old aching bones out of the bed and made my way to Louisville with my Sister Amy to visit my dad who had knee replacement surgery last Wednesday.

In other Thomas’ family business:

The boys started football yesterday. I guess it’s time to get the Charmin out and wrap them up!

Both the girls made the high school volleyball team! It’s time to start complaining about their uniform shorts being way too short!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Haven't Slapped A Stranger, Yet...

As a car closed in on us the Eldest girl started breathing heavily from her nose at a rate that would make her heart jealous during a cardio workout. I just glared at her – why are you doing that?

“I’m obviously very anxious at this moment.” – Eldest Girl

The car passed on its side of the roadway and she continues on at the marked speed of 25 mph.

She’s driving for the first time on the main road.

Hands are 10 & 2 and I think she’s contemplating wiping her nose on the steering wheel. No wait, she’s just looking really closely at the road.

We are now in a 55 mph speed zone and we come upon a 35 mph sign. EEERRRRRKKKK…she breaks and lets the needle fall to 35 and then begins to push the gas again.

I pull my imaginary notepad from the imaginary pocket on my shirt, lick the tip of my finger and write down “teach slowing down progression.”

Good thing I wrote it down, I may have forgotten it by now.

I took advantage of the situation, as always, to scare a lesson into her. At one point of her anxious driving moments I yell out, “Can you imagine picking up your phone right now and texting a friend?”

“I WOULD NEEEEVER,” gasped a dry forced whispering voice that just realized how much attention it takes to drive.

We have to complete 60 hours of driving before she can take her driving test and we only have about three left to complete. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but she has been driving me around a lot.

She’s done a very good job and I haven’t made her stop the car so I could get out and slap a stranger for no reason other than to release anxiety.

In other Thomas’ family business:

My daddy had his knee replaced today and is doing very well, thanks for all the prayers.

The Middle girl got a new pageant dress yesterday and is preparing for the fiddler’s festival pageant for this Friday. She’s in the “Teen” category now. She’s gorgeous…I’m not sure when she grew up so tall and beautiful, but she did.

The boys have been in basketball camp all week…another $70 spent this summer on sports camps. Eieieiei…

The Eldest girl was part of a volleyball camp this week…another $50, after two other camps of $120 total. I’m not sure why I can’t get that $1 million fall back account built up.

Next week starts the boys’ football season…new cleats are needed. Think the coaches would mind if I send them in golf shoes?

The Middle girl has middle school volleyball tryouts tomorrow.

I think I’m going to try MY hand at a sport...robbing banks…

Quote of the day that I love: “I don’t like making plans for the day because then the word “premeditated” gets thrown around in the courtroom.”

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She's 16

26 hours of labor and a food ban during the entire episode left me one cranky 20-year-old laid in a hospital bed pleading with the being inside of me to just COME OUT!

I had waited for that anesthesiologist for 25 hours; I was not about to tell him, after my pain subsided, that this baby was ready to make her grand appearance. After the drugs were administered, I was so tired and delirious that I decided I just wanted to sleep for a couple of hours, and then I would tell them she was crowning. Makes perfect sense to a 20-year-old.

Oh how delicious those chunky, little cheeks were, with those big, brown puppy dog eyes!!! I held in my arms the very heritage of God, my baby girl.

It was an argument for the middle name; her daddy didn’t like the idea of using his great grandmothers name Olivia. Our anesthesiologist declared he and the nurses would name her if we had not decided at the time of delivery. He claimed they used the weather man’s technique of naming children in alphabetical order, like they do hurricanes. He said they were on “Q” and threw at us the name Quinn.

Daddy’s eyes lit up like he had heard Angels herald. I rolled my eyes and said I didn’t like it. The light in his eyes when he first saw her changed my mind.

This girl has been such a rock in our life. A child sent to us for many reasons. She brought us together in Holy matrimony, gave us reason to stay in the marriage at times when we would begin to reconsider the commitment, and the greatest gift she gave me was when she allowed God to use her at the age of 11.

She began to pull at my apron strings and say, “I want to be baptized. Take me to be baptized.” She was consistent for months. Eventually I bowed to what she wanted and took her to a church. What I found was my path back to my Lord Jesus Christ.

I sing a song at church occasionally called “He Came Looking for Me.” He came looking for me through my child. She really is a heritage unto God, and I am thankful to see the tape along the spine of her youth Bible and the knee imprints in the carpet on the side of her bed.

She’s 16 today. She now can go for a driver’s license and go on dates. My heart hurts at the thought of throwing her into this big world. I am hoping she will decide while taking the test that she wants to be one of those rare non-driving citizens. Someone who never gets their license.

I know God will protect her. I know he sent her to save me, my family and will continue to use her for great things.

He is an Awesome God and she is an Awesome kid.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous MQT!

Oh, AND she came with a great sense of humor...I found this altered photo of her on my iPhone one morning. (These are some of the pictures I cartoonized for her Sweet 16 party)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Go Get It, Rover

I found myself alone with the husband at my mother’s pool this hot afternoon. None of the kids wanted to go, so we took off alone. It was awesome! We were just chatting away and throwing this rubber rocket diving stick back & forth when I saw the husband lean back against the side of the pool, prop his elbows up on the sides and say, “Nothing like a good game of fetch with your ole lady.”

Later in the afternoon we ended up at the grocery and I was standing at the cooler section staring at the yogurt flavors when I hear over the speaker this loud, annoying voice say, “IN JUST TWO MINUTES THERE WILL BE A FREE ITEM GIVEN TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS, MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE, NOW!” From my peripheral vision I see my grocery cart crash into the cooler and I look up to see my husband’s knees and elbows high stepping around the cereal display. He looked much like this kid at the bottom of this poster:

This man makes me laugh…a lot! And this is why I love him most. Well, one of the reasons.

We made it through the Sweet 16! It was Awesome. I pulled it all together and for very little $. That makes me happy but she and her friend being happy with the results are the best.

I had a caricature cartoon drawing made of them at osoq.com. After it was finished they also sent me an animated version that the DJ projected on the side of the wall during the party. It was super cool. I printed 11 x 14 pictures and had all their friends sign the matting when they came into the party. The girls now have them to hang in their rooms.

I also found an app on my iPhone that turned pictures into cartoons and I printed about 50 pictures of them and their friends. I took rolls of white paper, ripped large pieces and spray painted them before taping these cartoon pictures of the kids onto them. I then hung them on the walls for decorations. I added about 50 balloons and a disco ball and Waa Laaa! Sweet 16!

Oh, we also had a professional photographer come in and setup a silly photo booth. It was so much fun, she brought in a box of props and the kids had so much fun! Can’t wait to see the finished photos!

My sister Amy made their cake and it was awesome!

The girl danced all night long. She has the best group of friends…they really are very good kids and I am proud of them.

In other Thomas’ family business:

I will step into a new ministry next week. I am guest teaching a Sunday School class of girls. I have a passion to teach young girls about God’s plan for marriage, modesty, respect and character, and how to achieve all of these in a God centered life. Prayers appreciated!

I bought .19 cent notebooks today…let the school shopping begin. Money appreciated…oh dear.

This mom & dad are not ready for a driving teenager...we will cherish the next two days before she tries for her permit.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

They Almost Got Away With It

I slept a bit late this holiday morning. I got up to only three girls left in the house after days of six teenagers here. I sent the boys to mammaw’s house last night.

Cleaning was a must this morning and laundry was completed. As I walked into the boys’ room, I found this.

Take a good look, here’s a closer picture.

YES – that IS one of my good white towels with nail polish all over it. There is over 1000 square feet of house that has tile/linoleum floors but yet the perpetrators chose the boys’ carpeted floor to paint their nails.

As I tried to rouse two of the girls to ask if they knew anything about the obvious bandits that broke into our house and made this mess, I noticed colorful fingernails hanging over the railing of the top bunk-bed.

I wonder if the girls thought if they left the mess in the boys room I would think the boys’ were cross-dressing at night while I slept. The ONLY reason this plan was foiled was the above information; I sent the boys to mammaw’s house for the night, OR I would have thought it was their mess.

You almost got away with it, girls. So close, yet so far away.

The good news is I did not EXPLODE over the mess. I find this oxymoronic on this day of explosions.

Happy 4th of July, peeps.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lord, Help This Momma Pull Off Sweet 16

Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party should be harder than this…and at the same time shouldn’t be this hard. I am down to the wire and have a mixture of elements that are slowing my progress. I have some great ideas, unfortunately One Direction is already booked for the evening and the local wedding singer lost his blue ruffled tux. I told her in the car yesterday, after making a loud noise that sounded like a whale dying, that I could NOT WAIT to emcee her birthday party. She actually laughed out loud.

I would share my great ideas, but they are secrets until Friday. The problem with this is she and her friend Cady, who is sharing in the party, may not like my great ideas. If this happens, I guess I will do what I always do; blame their father.

I have a feeling that MTV isn’t going to show up to film their party. After the submission form asked for my party budget, I bet the show’s producers printed out my submission and hung it on the wall in their meeting commons and refer to it when they need a good laugh. Well, I do love to make people laugh.

I have four days to pull it off. Here’s hoping I can do it.

In other Thomas’ family business:

The eldest girl got her first full two week paycheck today – NICE!

I took six kids to my mother’s pool today and my cousin came and gave us kitchen haircuts. Love this concept. This really should be a business.

I was attacked at my friend Rita’s house on Saturday by a mosquito. It left three huge, swollen spots on my side. I’m pretty sure I killed it when I started punching myself in the side like a crazy woman as I felt it sinking its teeth into me.

I asked on facebook last night if I should cut my hair back to shorter locks or leave it long. My husband weighed in with my senior portrait being posted; hoping I would rock the high school hair again. I hadn’t seen it for many years. I looked like such a baby at 17. It’s crazy I am close to having a child this age and she, too, looks like a baby to me. I sure hope she decides to take a much longer route to growing up then I took.

I got back to my church small group tonight. I love that time with my church family but the closing prayer was/is my favorite. Lord, set me on fire so people can watch me burn…Amen.