Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stinking Lying Nurse

Nope, they didn’t want to go to day camp the middle school was hosting this week, so I let the boys stay home…home with a dad that made them mulch all day. Burhahahah….(evil laugh)

Guess who is asking to go to day camp tomorrow. I love when my way is proven better. Someday they will believe me when I say that my way is always the right way.

I got back to Zumba tonight and remembered why I love it so much. But not before I spent the day back at Urgent Care for the strep throat that made its reappearance. I obviously make awesome choices when I’m sick. When I picked the two boys up from the ballpark, boy #1 kept saying, “You look really bad, you’re face is all red.” This was just hours after the nurse weighed me at Urgent Care and obviously lied about my weight. I’m pretty sure that if I ever decide to send chocolates to my favorite nurses, she won’t make the list.

On the flip side today – I scored free bologna at the grocery. It was on sale for .99 cents. I had .50 cent coupons that doubled! Nothing like free bologna to brighten a day.

I did get some swag today. Eldest girl sent me a text to say “Ms. Smith brought you a DECA Mom shirt. *swaggie” Thanks Ms. Smith! I love it but according to the lying nurse, I need a size larger.

My favorite quote I read today: Pinterest reminds me just how hungry and unstylish I really am.

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