Monday, June 11, 2012

If These Walls Could Talk

My Grandmother got to go home for the first time in almost three years yesterday. My mother bought her childhood home a few years back and has cleaned and painted the old farm house.

That's my boy Nolan giving her some "sugar."

There are so many childhood memories of this place. The house did not have indoor plumbing until I was somewhere about 5 – 8 years old. I remember drawing water from the well and using an outhouse. I guess my generation is the last to experience such primitive measures.

My Grandmother, who is 97 years old, has been living with her five daughters for the past few years. It was good to have her in her home with several family members around.

Mamaw Dean gave birth to all 12 of her children in the home. Her stories are precious to hear. She’s never driven a car, neither has my Aunt Marianne. The girls love to tell stories of the old home that has two bedrooms and one bath; a bath that was formerly a bedroom before renovated in the 1980’s. Mamaw can yodel and tells us that is was her 2nd or 3rd grade boyfriend who taught her the talent as they would walk to school each day. She also says the only thing she has ever smoked is rolled up grapevine leaves. I can only imagine what these walls would say if they could talk. All the lives they have watched grow up here in the last 70 plus years.

She has also left us with a couple of songs we sing to our babies. They make no sense at all but we and our babies love them.

This is mamaws baby girl, little bitty nastum tankum tanum too…a tanum too.

Who knows what language that even is, but we all speak it!

It was good to be home, tucked away in the hills of Kentucky, for a Sunday afternoon lunch complete with fried chicken. I am everything but a coal miner’s daughter according to this blog.

In other Thomas Family Business:

The middle girl completed school with honor grades and an award for being one of two kids recognized by her teachers for being very helpful and nice to everyone. Makes me proud.

The boys are halfway through baseball season and the new kid got smacked with a baseball in the back last week. So far the court has not called demanding him back yet…

The eldest girl is working several hours at her new job as a sandwich artist. She really likes the job and the money.

The boy and I spent our vacation with strep throat. I have successfully been sick everyday in May and now June. I am mentally exhausted with it all. I cannot wait to feel like me again. I did get to keep my sister's two girls yesterday. My kids were not used as bait since they were not even there. The girls came home with Aunt Misty all on their own. They are 2 and 6 and are too stinkin' cute! They had so much fun playing with my girls old doll houses that are stored in my attic area now. I remember as a child getting to play with my older cousin Lisa's Barbies when we visited my Aunt Nettie. It was such a treat.

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