Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Family Has Been Targeted

Guess who wants to go back to day camp tomorrow because the Lego robots were awesome – the boys!!! Guess who wants to sign up to be in the Lego robot club this school year – Boy #1!!! Of course they do – this mom never has a bad idea. Not in the last five minutes anyways. Earlier today was not such a good choice but we’ll not discuss that – it could embarrass me and I can’t have you thinking I am less than AWESOME!

I am looking for a graffiti artist. I have some great ideas for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. I would prefer someone with mad skills that works for free. Yes, this will work fine.

I decided to try my hand at running outside, away from the treadmill, today. I HATE to run but sometimes its better with a buddy when you workout. As much as I enjoyed the company, my strepped throat was not in favor of my choice to run. The dog (boxer) that lunged towards us was not a highlight of my day either. Thank God Rita isn’t afraid of dogs – I could have been killed or worse. I saw my life flash when it showed its teeth. Tie up your dogs, people!!! I’m not a dog hater (cats are better) but I am scared of some, untied dogs. I watched my sister get attacked when she was 3-years-old and had her face bitten. She’s still scarred and I am still scared. iiick…still feel my skin crawling!

We think the Eldest Girl has a spider bite. Guess who gets to go back to Urgent Care tomorrow and spend more time/money. Me! Pick Me! I have yet to bankrupt the family with stupid sickness this month. The weird part is, every member of my family has a bite on their waistline – I have to wonder if we are being targeted as a family?

Church tonight was, as always, a blessing. I do love my church, church family and our bishop. God has such a way of touching my soul each time I step into that place that brings peace to what always seems to be a stormy, busy day.

I did not cook dinner tonight and I hear the boys down stairs attempting to assemble a meal out of leftovers and items they can cook. Sounds like ramen noodles, pork tenderloin and cereal it is.

I received my first child support check last week from the new boy’s parents. The state handles the calculation and transfer of child support payments. Not sure what the person calculating the payment is feeding their child, but the $3.87 they decided I should receive may be the reason the ramen noodles are stock piled. Just sayin’ I have yet to take the check to the bank. I have calculated that I will spend more money driving the check to the bank than $3.87. I must wait for multiple weeks before taking them. This is the only way I won’t lose money on the trip. Smurfity Smurf! That’s me cursing…

Favorite quote I read today: Oh honey, you must be confused. You’re supposed to live out Bible verses, not just get them tattooed and hope that does the trick.

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