Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Warrior of a Day

Highlight of my day? Being washed with a fire hose. True Story.

We, the Z Warriors, set out to be part of the Warrior Dash, an obstacle packed run that raises money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Our journey began very early with a caravan of dressed alike Zumba friends headed to Marion County, Kentucky.

Our first real adventure was the quest for a bathroom. The back roads of Kentucky don’t offer too many options, thank God for Blandford’s grocery store after about an hour’s worth of travel. A total of 10 girls stood near the only small bathroom door waiting for the person inside to finish. As patience thinned, Robin (possible fictitious name) began to march in circles outside the restroom door with hands on her hips; occasionally bending over and grabbing a table nearby as she spewed foreign words that could possibly be curse words.

When a second flush was heard inside the bathroom, after a hand washing session had already gone-on, Robin began to look for sharp objects. Out of the restroom came a 20 something year old boy, with a very red face as he looked upon a group of girls standing near the door, “hearing” his bathroom episode. We let Robin use the bathroom first – she wishes WE would have gone first; just sayin’. I don’t think the hometown grocery is where most people consider heading for their morning business, but this guy seemed to think it was a good idea this morning. Bet he stays home tomorrow morning.

The caravan is in motion again.

We parked and were shuttled to the Warrior Dash site. The shuttling system is not the Warrior Dash event planners strong point. They were running three buses for approximately 10,000 people five miles. Pretty sure this person’s calculator failed them when they set up this part of the event.

Our heat was scheduled at 11 a.m. but we ran at 11:30 a.m.

Half of a mile in – I’m about to turn back. The farm land/woodland terrain full of tire ruts was not easy on the ankles.

One mile in – I almost cursed.

First obstacle – easy. Second obstacle – jump into a stagnant pond that smells of cow manure and swim across and dodge logs. Cold water in 92 degree temps while I’m sucking air like I’m dying – Priceless.

One and a half mile in – almost grabbed a stranger and jumped on their back. True story.

The rest of the obstacles were mainly walls to climb or nets to shimmy across. There was the fire jump and the mud creek you had to slide through on your belly or risk the barbed wire spanking your face.

Coming out like a winner – BooYahh!

We walked around in mud soaked clothes for a few minutes and posed for a few pics but we made our way to the “Warrior Wash” where fire hoses awaited us.

Pulling my sports bra out from my body and feeling mud slide down my stomach = priceless! (No body parts were exposed during the day)

I’m pretty sure I am an adrenaline junky now; cannot wait to do it again.


  1. Great Story, and for a great cause. Side note how could a guy get that fire hose job??????

  2. OMG I'm laughing hysterically. I'm a backwoods Kentucky gal so this story made total sense to me. Haven't you heard "Only in Kentucky?"

    Looks like so much fun. I'm such a redneck, I'd love to do one of these warrior dashes. Stagnent ponds are my thing LOL!

  3. Andy - I know this is the job you were trying to obtain when they crowned you chief!

    Angie - You should totally do it after the baby comes!!! I have a feeling these races will be a new trend - there is a Waterfront Park Race that is similar, coming to Louisville July 28th, and I have heard that Warrior Dash is coming to Otter Creek in August!