Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He Took It Like A Man…Twice…In The Head

You know that nervous feeling you get when the big tournament baseball game is on the line and it’s your kid that’s up to bat with two outs and a tied game? I knew it tonight.

Boy #1 was standing there, wiggling in the batter’s box like he had fleas.

SMACK! The first pitch struck him in the head and chin. There he is lying on the ground and I’m about to vomit from the sight.

His coach is over to speak some words of “Coaches Wisdom” to him while he checks for a pulse. The Coach…Coach Jay…said “He’s tough, I’ve seen his dad.”

No wait, that’s what he said when the boy was struck in the head earlier in the game, yes, you read correctly, he was hit twice in the head during this game.

The last hit advanced him to first base; he stole 2nd and 3rd and was able to steal home on an overthrown pitch to win the game. The team tackling him probably caused more physical harm than the pounding to the head x 2.

His coach had worked with him all season to “take a hit” so he would stop jumping out of the batter’s box every time a pitch came at him. During Sunday’s practice Coach Jay intentionally hit him in the behind with a pitch.

That pitch to the butt saved their butts tonight in the tournament. The Texas Longhorns are still alive and will play again Thursday.

I am setting up a jar for donations to Eli’s hospital bills that are sure to come with this game.


  1. The difference between a mom and dad, mom jumps like a spider monkey in a quarter of a second and is heading to the dugout, dad sets back and lets Coach Jay talk it off. The boy popped up without a tear in his eye and heads to first. Very proud of the little fella, he DID take it and won the game with the ora of being the hero. Now if that had been my girls, nobody would have stopped me from getting out there first, the difference in boys and girls:)