Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi, I'm Five, I Wash Dishes and Kiss

“Oh the stars of the night,” – my Nolan. This is what he says every time he gives a kiss. I love this kid. I recorded him saying it on my phone and can't quit listening to it. My middle girl started babysitting her younger cousins this summer. This picture is our adventure today while waiting for his mother to get home from work. I taught him to wash dishes and he did GREAT! He washed everything but the “too big pan” and the silverware. He’s five.

In other dish-washing business, the speech I had to give my boys yesterday about helping around the house WORKED!!! I came home to these two washing the dishes on their own. I said, (after jumping around and signing silly songs about how great they were) “Good thing you two are cleaning this kitchen, you wouldn’t want me to have gone crazy on you.”

“That’s what he said.” – Boy #2

The husband is home. He’s been in Mississippi playing golf for four days. He was missed but I did have a new stand-in snuggle bug. My nephew Kenton spent the night with us for the first time. He’s almost six and decided it was time to stay with the “kids.” But come night time, Aunt Misty’s bed is where he wanted to sleep.

Quote of the Day: The Government is NOT your baby daddy!

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