Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Smokes On That

Two more columns painted today…two more to go and I am finished with the front porch! Whoo hoo! All in a weekends work. So much more to do but I have made great progress on things I wanted to accomplish inside/outside my house.

Who needs a man?

I do.

But, it’s nice to know that I am capable. My boys worked hard today. They re-potted my ferns for me. They also each got their own bottle of poison to spray on the grass to kill bugs and weeds. I suited them up with goggles and fair warnings to not open their mouths while the water hose was on. They did good. Proud Momma!

I cooked the very best cheeseburgers I have ever had, tonight! We topped those off with four dozen chocolate chip cookies. I came home from the city council meeting to a driveway full of kids again. Half I fed. Half ran away when I pulled in…not sure why they think I’m mean. I’m really not.

UK Wildcats are battling it out for the NCAA Championship title. The husband predicted today UK will win by 11. We will soon see if he is prophetic. If so I will let you know what he says about the Myan's 12-21-12 prediction.

In other 93rd day business:

My 97-year-old grandmother is in the hospital, after taking a nasty fall and breaking several ribs. This woman is amazing. She is the meekest, sweetest, most darling woman I know. She can yodel, hand sewed every grandchild a quilt and raised 11 kids – just to name a few. My favorite thing she says, "Two smokes on that." She would say this after something pleased her. She would take her sweet little fingers and make like she was holding two cigarettes and put them to her lips as she said it. She has never smoked a day in her life. Too funny. Please pray for my mamaw.

Favorite quote of the day: I’m usually done hearing people before they even finish talking because I am a fast listener.


  1. Isn't it awesome to mark things off that to do list!
    We had cheeseburgers today too & they were definitely NOT the best I've made. They were REALLY dry.

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Bless her heart, sending many prayers her way.

    1. Thanks, Angie! I appreciate all prayers lifted for her.
      These burgers were great but I think it's because I used fresh hamburger meat that was 70/30 blend and had more fat in the meat.