Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smokin' Style

I love fashion and I used to love to smoke. I quit three years ago and I now reinvest my old cigarette money into my wardrobe monthly. I was spending about $100/month on smokes. I want to share one of my incentives for quitting – fashion. That is why this blog is called “Smokin’ Style.”

I also love bargain shopping and want to share the way I do it for me, my kids and upcoming gift giving occasions.

I will hopefully be posting my wears and tabbing it for you. I hope you enjoy and please let me know of things you have found.

This week I wore some new items I found at New York and Company:

I got this white shirt for $10.49, orange sweater for $12.70, jeans for $15.88, shoes for $6.67 and the necklace was a gift from my mother. (A trip to Italy landed me this gorgeous necklace from Murano Glass Company – thanks mom)

This entire outfit is also from New York and Company:

Shirt $19, Pants $4, Shoes $6.67, Bracelet .99 cents, Yellow Belt $11

This outfit came from the yardsale!

J Crew Linen Pants and Shirt $12 (my sister's SIL has a huge yardsale every two years and I am the first to go through every year! She has GREAT taste!)

These shoes were $24 at Kohls - Dana Buchman

These purchases were made at Gap yesterday for a total of $42:

I got 30% off of this price!

I have a Gap/Banana Republic Credit Card - this allows me extra sale offers. I got an extra 30% off of yesterday's Gap purchase because I am a card holder. I do not carry balances on my cards - this is a waste of $ to pay the extra interest.

Kohls also is great about sale offers for their card holders. I have a 30% off in my possession right now. When I get these I begin to think, "Who do I need to buy a gift for in the next several months, do the kids need shoes in the next several months or do we need household items." Plus I got Kohls cash to spend at a later date that requires no extra purchase.

I always buy at the very end of the season - refer to Gap purchase.

I have learned to buy name brand items, especially with most of my shoes. Name brands offer better quality and ALL things go out-of-season and therefore, go on clearance. Trust me, cheap full price items are more expensive then Name Brand sale items; the cheap brand is poor quality and will shrink, fade and fall apart quickly.

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