Saturday, April 14, 2012

She Went and Got On America

“Momma, she’s not a very good teacher, she doesn't explain things well,” – middle girl.

Let me set the scene. I had just picked up my two middle-schoolers, the neighborhood boy that rides home with us and my boss’ daughter from the elementary school. My bus is full when my child pleads a case about the “C” on her progress report. The skinny of it all – I am ok with the “C” as long as it’s not a “C” come report card time.

Where I lose control is when you blame your irresponsibility on someone else.

“This is not her fault, you are to work at school like a job, and this is your job. You are to review what you did in class every afternoon so you are prepared the next day…”

“But she doesn’t explain it well and she’s unorganized,” – middle girl.

This lecture went on and on. And somehow I am always able to tie all of America’s problems back to irresponsible children.

“That’s what’s wrong with America! Everyone wants to blame someone else when they fail!”

That is a quick excerpt of the entire conversation, but at work the next day my boss decided to tell me his daughter’s take of the conversation while we were live on-air.

You will have to open a new browser to watch...blogspot would not link it.?. Sorry!
(Please skip forward to 10:50 where the conversation begins.)

The poor kid – I grounded her for a week and she just cried and sobbed.

The next day she comes home from school and says, “Momma, my teacher asked how many of us got into trouble for our grades, I raised my hand and said, “You have no idea.” She then said, well I had everyone’s grades wrong on your progress report.” The child went on to say she has an 86 “B” average. She asked if she was still grounded and I said, “Of course not.”

Come oWWWn teacher! She called you unorganized and I came to YOUR defense. You owe my child cookies and me a valium. Just sayin' But, at least Anna learned the downfall of America. Happy weekend, peeps!


  1. I laughed out loud--that is hilarious!! Poor daughter :)

  2. My daughter is notorious for blaming everyone else! In their defense though I sometimes think teacher's (some not all) just don't do their job!