Sunday, April 15, 2012

Racing On A Stationary Bike

“Momma, they got my price tag on me,” – eldest girl when she was four and checking into Bible school.

I was reminded of this story tonight from a facebook post written by a friend.

The Bible school attendants didn’t price my child to sell; they had just put a name tag on her.

When the boy was about five or so, the husband carried in a plate full of grilled chicken legs into the kitchen and the boy says, “Ummmmm, chicken with a handle!” We still call it that.

The middle girl came downstairs today raised up her shirt to show me her tank top underneath and her bare arms. (She has grown up tall and thin over the past couple of months) She said, “Am I getting Anorexia?” She said it like she had caught Anorexia overnight. I laughed and tried to explain that was an eating disorder, not something that is contagious. She ate raw cookie dough last night before bedtime and she’s been terrified ever since. She asked all the way to church if she got Salmonella when it would kick in. She’s so funny.
This picture was taken two years ago, before the girls outgrew me.

Today is the husband’s birthday. The big 41. The middle girl and I came home from church and cooked him lasagna, orange juice cake, chocolate chip cookies and wrapped his new laptop.

I decided to purchase him a new notebook after watching him with his mad scientist setup long enough. The screen of his old laptop blacked out so he hooked it to his old desktop monitor. He used it like this for almost a year. This AWESOME setup already has dibs claimed from the boy. He gets all of the “still usable” electronics his dad is finished with. His room looks a little like a technology graveyard.

Happy Birthday, Husband.

Started training for the Warrior Dash today. The website recommends training by running so many times a week. I HATE to run, so, I went to the gym and did the same ole routine I always do. Hope there is an elliptical or stationary bike there the day of the race.


  1. Kids crack me up! Chicken with a handle, now that is funny!!!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Sounds like he's one lucky fella. Lasagna, Orange Juice Cake & a Laptop, can't beat that :)

    Have a nice week ahead friend!!!