Sunday, April 8, 2012

Picture Perfect Weekend

Let’s start smack-dab in the middle of the weekend events; because it’s my favorite.

The husband decided to put pants on and head to church this morning. When I got outside, late from fixing the hair – the family was in the Jeep. As the boy says – it’s topless.

Are you serious? We just spent an hour fixing everybody’s hair and we are going to ride in the topless Jeep to church?

Yes. I rode almost in the floorboard. I know you are thinking I am lying so I took this picture for you. That’s me, headed to worship my King, with my head between my knees.

Has he not read the good book? The 13th Commandment blatantly says – Thou shalt not head to church in a topless Jeep with wife who has fixed hair. Please intercede for his forgiveness. I love that man. He/The Easter Bunny left me an awesome card and three bags of Lindt Lindor truffles – my fav!

It was standing room only at church today. At least 700 people there, including the ChriEasters. (Word learned from my morning co-host MB. I have adjusted my vocab to accommodate it. It’s the people who only attend church at Christmas and Easter. Glad they come, wish they came every Sunday)

Saturday, I went to Belmont Baptist Church to see their Easter Cantata. It was Ahhh-Maz-ing! I cannot wait to go back next year. I am dragging every person I know to go with me. Be prepared to go peacefully people, I will own a taser by next year. The amount of talented singers that church has been blessed with – can’t say enough about this production.

We headed to my mothers and step-dad’s for Easter dinner. She made her famous chicken & dumplins, or as my 5-year-old nephew says, “chicken and dunk-lins.” Love that kid! The babies all hunted Easter Eggs and the star of the day was our 2-year-old baby niece.

We left there to have dinner with the husband’s parents and sister’s family. Our mommas are both such great cooks! We ate so much that I headed straight to the gym when we got home. Well, right after watching Bubba Watson claim his green jacket at the Masters this afternoon. Awesome comeback.

In other weekend business:

I finished the last two columns that needed to be painted on the front porch.

Found the boy Saturday and I didn’t even have to stop and refuel. We found his friend’s home the first try and it wasn’t near as far as I thought. Only took me an hour – round trip.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I burned my elbow frying pork chops. How? Because I’M AWESOME!

He is Risen! Hallelujah!

Two of my six sisters...that's another blog.


  1. Glad to hear Easter was wonderful for you & your family. Not even going to ask about the elbow LOL!

    Have a good week ahead friend
    Happy Monday :)

    1. Happy Monday, Angie!
      I guess I got tired and decided to do the "thinking" pose on the skillet while it was hot. That's all I can come up on the elbow burn...who knows! LOL