Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Grew a Pair of Jeans Today

Sllluuuuurrrrrrr…that’s the sound of me putting my new, white, crop jeans on this morning. I did the whole ‘drop it like it’s hot’ move to make them fit me right.

I hate that I have to do this, especially when the size is already one size bigger than I typically wear.

By Noon, I was holding on for dear life.

These baby’s had grown to fit me and a baby rhino. As much as I would like to share my jeans with a baby rhino, I didn’t have one handy so I just got to do this all day:

Good thing the Governor wasn’t in town on business today. Can you imagine; excuse me Governor, would you mind holding my jeans while I hold the microphone and ask you some questions? Thanks, wouldn’t want to show my wears.

I’m not stupid to the fact that I did not shrink today, especially since I ate my weight in Easter candy. If this was the designer’s way of trying to make me feel better about myself I don’t need that. I pay my children and husband to tell me nice things about myself.

So I ask all my blogger friends, what kind of jeans are your favorite? I am not real happy with what’s in the ole closet right now. Thanks!

My Favorite Quote of the Day: My husband’s wife if freakin’ AWESOME!


  1. I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit and fit all day long! It's insane

    1. The sad part is, Aeropostle jeans are the best! BUT the style and cut are not age appropriate for me anymore :( if they could make a grown up version of their jeans, I would have tons!!!