Sunday, April 1, 2012

He No Longer Completes Me

When I was 13 I met my husband. He was 18.

I hated him.

I cannot remember very many things in life because I am cursed with a horrible memory BUT I remember walking into his house and laying eyes on him for the first time. He was sitting in the floor with a tennis shoe on his head.

His girlfriend was sitting on the couch near him.

I was spending the night with his sister, who is my age. The next morning I awoke and was brushing my teeth. He came into the bathroom and proceeded to urinate next to me. I was horrified. For years I would not spend the night with her unless he was gone.

Then when I was 17, he bought a Jeep. His sister and I loved to drive that Jeep. He kept asking me out and I finally agreed, IF I got to drive his Jeep to school every day. He let us – we were so cool!

The little snot, I fell in love with him.

It took years to figure out the best part of us, but I have said for many years, “He completes me.” I don’t mean that in a lovey dovey kind of way. I mean it in an Attention Deficit Disorder kind of way. He is so good to me, every time I start a project, he knows I am going to walk away and he never says a word. He just jumps in and completes it exactly the way I had it laid out. BUT, this weekend I completed several projects all by myself.

It’s been an interesting 16 years and it keeps getting better.

He may no longer complete my projects, but that man surely completes my life and I am better for knowing him.

He did get his own bathroom, and this year at 40 he got another Jeep. Eldest Daughter said today that she wanted to drive it to school every day when she gets her driver’s license next year. Not sure where her taste comes from. I’m sure when he bought his Jeep this year he never thought he would lose it to another teenage girl that wants to drive it to school. This teenage girl, however, already has his heart.

In other April Fool's Day business:

The boy put together my small green house today all by himself. I'm impressed!

The kids cleaned out the garage. I'm impressed!

I made them cupcakes in exchange for the child labor, and I only ate three. I'm impressed!

Church this morning was GOOOOD! I'm Blessed!