Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flowers From Favorite(s)

I didn’t pick the name of this blog; my sister Amy chose it last night. She commented on my blog last night that she had taken our grandmother flowers and she was pretty sure that mamaw had told her she was her favorite. I claimed mamaw was high on her pain medicine! She said that she could see the name of my blog tonight – “Flowers From Favorite” and she was right, I took my grandmother flowers today so I could write this blog honestly.

My mamaw was the most precious little thing. When I was leaving today we took this picture and I showed her - she said, “Now, four or five smokes on that.”

I attempted to coax her into saying I was her favorite and she said, “Now, you're all my favorites.” She’s just precious. So, while naming my blog tonight I added the (s) to Favorite to appropriately honor my mamaws choice of her favorite.

In other 94th day business:

The husband is HOME! He has been in New Orleans for five days watching the UK Wildcats claim the national championship title! He came home with more t-shirts then we have family. Sure glad he’s home, I’m going now so I can spend some time with him.

Oh, before I go…the middle girl has her first crush on a boy band. She informed me last night she wants to see One Direction, “It’s on my bucket list.” Can you have a bucket list at 13? She bought two magazines today and plastered posters all over her room.

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  1. I love the picture! What a beautiful grandmother you have. How is she doing, any better?

    Glad your hubby is home. Enjoy your night with him.

    Oh & a bucket list at 13, I think that is the coolest thing I've ever heard!