Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Day the Music Died

My laptop does not respond to the wireless router my husband bought, so, I am stuck to my side of the bed with a hard line from the phone jack plugged into my computer. I have gotten used to it over the past year or so but today I cannot leave my bed - or the music dies.

I have been “in charge” of the radio station while my boss and manager fled to Vegas to get hitched. I’m not sure how “in charge” I can be over three people (one being me). But, none-the-less, the torch was passed to me. Sounds cool, to be “in charge.” I got temporary business cards that claimed I was “in charge” and wrote on all the windows of the station that there was a new sheriff in town…me!

It turns out that being “in charge” really just means I am the one all the complaints get passed to and the responsibility of fixing what breaks is mine.

Have I ever told you that I am not an engineer? Shocking, I know.

Everything was going ok at first…the U Stream refused to work and the online streams worked but they didn’t record. I was good with that. The weekend came and the music decided to be bipolar. I had to drive to the station and turn the music back on several times. I spent my time at the station this weekend cleaning the above message off of the windows.

By Monday, the AM station would only play local breaks and our morning Tradio show. By this afternoon the FM station would play, as long as I was sitting in front of my computer willing to restart the programming every 10 minutes or so.

The good news, the married couple is almost home. But for now, I’m stuck in the middle of dead music, this side of my bed and a girl who has her first softball game in an hour.

So, my last official business of my being “in charge,” – I am firing me from being “in charge.” I would quit my new position but this way I get to draw unemployment.

I’m glad the couple got a worry-free wedding week and it’s good to just be the News Director again.

In other official Thomas family business:

The Boy #2 crammed all of his clothes into a chest-of-drawers this morning, making me “give a speech” while exiting the house this morning. He now knows that cramming his clothes causes wrinkles, which causes bad first impressions and could be the downfall of his entire future. If you haven’t noticed – I parent on the scare tactic. I’m pretty sure he’s terrified of wrinkled clothes at this point.

I got a new gadget for my kitchen. I have a cereal obsession. It’s my favorite go-to meal and my kids often eat it instead of dinner. It could be the lack of dinner prepared, but for whatever reason, they have cereal for dinner a LOT! This baby came from Sams and I LOVE it! Very cool. Useless really, but very cool to look at. I didn’t know my cereal could make me any happier.

$153 worth of sports physicals completed. Can I get a coupon for the doctor’s office next time? All I can say is, “These kids better excel at sports.”


  1. Isn't it absolutely ridiculous how much sports physicals cost? I think there should be a special fund set up for them or something LOL!

    I love that you parent on the scare tactic...too funny!!!

  2. I know, Angie. I am thankful for doctors and we have a great one but shewww...I miss the "lineup for $10" sports physicals they used to give us at school.