Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Charlie said it best BUT the Eldest Girl did it best! This kid’s face was priceless when they announced her and her friend as the 1st place winners in their category of the Kentucky State DECA competition. Total shock and excited married together!

The skinny of the night prior to her winning started with her believing she had not done very well. She was concerned with the amount of questions the judges asked them after their presentation. A long bottom lip was dragging the ground the next morning as we were getting ready for the awards ceremony. Needless to say, that trophy turned that frown upside down!

She’s now headed to compete in Nationals!!! I expect everyone to dedicate a day of crossing fingers for her.

I realized in the picture of us that my girl is taller than me; both my girls are now. How did this happen. I married a short man on purpose! How has his DNA failed me? I bet it kicks in on the boy; the boy who dreams of being an NBA star. Thanks honey, I knew I could depend on you.

Do you know there are levels of “sour” laundry? I was not aware of this until my children, yet again, left the towels in the washer too long. This time the towel didn’t smell like DANG IT, it was more like Frito corn chips. This smell lingers on the skin. My face stinks. Didn’t even know that was possible. I never thought I would say my face stinks. The crapy part of this stench is it doesn’t come out until the towel gets damp. So, drying my face was the catalyst to this monster stink attacking my face. Can you see how finding all the rancid towel/washrags will be an issue. My sanity is questionable at this point.

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