Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three Kids and Counting

I think the Duggars are fascinating. The kindness they all seem to exhibit to each other and even strangers is inspiring. There is a 14-year-old girl laying tile…in a skirt. Impressive, to say the least. Not sure I would encourage any women I know to birth this many children BUT I do encourage their parenting techniques. Every child plays an instrument, every child cleans and has chores, every child prays, every child respect elders, every child reads and can use a skill saw. AND they all say “Thank You, Mom” on their birthdays. I wonder if the Duggars’ take kids for a week of camp? They should offer this. I’m considering dropping mine off and driving away, like dropping off stray cats. You know they would take them in, they're too nice not to. I bet when I pick them up, six years later, they would be totally able to build a house and cook a steak. It’s like a modern Little House on the Prairie.

I would teach my kids these things myself, but, I have the wrong last name. All this time I thought it was my impatience. Maybe next go-round I will be a Duggar and patience will be my life's calling. This go-round, shouting and snapping seems to work pretty well. Spitting half pronounced words with one eye shut also calms a bunch of rowdy kids.

In other 87th day business:

The middle girl has had a rough day. She woke up not feeling well, went to school only half a day and played her last volleyball game. She’s the only child that I have ever known that does not want to grow up. She’s most content being momma’s girl – and I’m ok with that. She’s such a sweet girl.

The boy has decided to gather pennies for the “Pennies for Patients” drive at school. He robbed his father’s bucket down stairs. I’m not going to tell him that was his college fund. The best part is watching this bag of bones PULL his backpack across the floor. You should only be allowed to steal what you can carry with ease.

The eldest girl has been helping out with the Jr. Spikers club this week. I think she likes it; she only speaks when she’s being paid. Hence the weekend job of newscaster.

The husband scored a new contract today. I’m excited for him. I will find him the perfect celebratory gift to buy me. Maybe he and I should talk about the gift over dinner. A pink pistol has my eye…

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  1. My kids (especially the youngest) could definitely benefit from The Duggars day camp. Oh wait maybe it's me that could benefit from a parenting camp. Either way, totally NOT Little House on the Prairie around here :)