Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Joys

Made it to Priceless Foods today and I will shop there for every grocery trip. .61 cent loaves of bread? Are you kidding me, of course I whipped out a cheerleading move in the middle of the aisle. I only knocked over one old man and a display of cans. I heard someone yell “She hates these cans!”

I’m kidding, I didn’t knock over any cans.

But I am so excited about this employee owned store. They were all so nice. Yoplait yogurt .50 cents each, before my coupons! The meat prices almost made me break out into a Broadway musical song. I can see me riding a shopping cart across the store, arms spread wide like the scene from Titanic. Only low prices would be my love, not some peasant boy.

I blew by the blueberries at Kroger and said, “pfttt…$4.38…I just paid $2.98.” Yes, I really did speak to the blueberries. It’s a problem I suffer from. I talk to more inanimate objects than people. They’re very agreeable.

I worked with a Hosparus nurse today for my “These Are The People In Your Neighborhood” segment. I’m not sure which story captivated me the most, the nurse or the patient. But I left wowed and filled with a whole new respect for this service and these nurses. Can’t wait to get my video put together so you can see what I saw. Touching…

I made good on my new monthly resolution. We learned a new Bible verse on the way to school this morning. I failed to get the proper note cards to write the verse down on, so ill prepared I started with John 3:16. The eldest girl went on to say John 3:17…(show-off, she gets this from her dad)…the middle girl knew it also. The boy struggled. I guess it’s that photo shoot he has scheduled every Wednesday night during his youth class. His facebook page sure is full of content each Wednesday night after class, from all the “tagged photos” from the girls in the class.

In other 61st Day Business:

My favorite gifts of the day? My new Brighton bracelet my sister got me with a faith charm! I love it, I love it, I love it. My other sister got me Bobalulu earrings with two sets of interchangeable beads. I love it, I love it, I love it. What the heck, I love them! Thanks girls! (Birthday gifts for all those scoring at home.)

My favorite quote of the day: “I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of your sentence?”

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