Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pray For My Coordinates

I do believe in all my study of the book of Revelation over the past few years, the upcoming weekend may be the beast rising up out of the waters in Chapter 13.

This next weekend could possibly be the apocalypse for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. History has been made; UK faces U of L in the Final Four.

I’m not sure if we will survive the week, good thing we are Doom’s Day Preppers now – I hate when…

As I am typing this the Baronne Plaza calls my house at 10 p.m. I have a feeling this place is located in New Orleans and the men downstairs are the reason they are calling my home. It’s cute when boys dream out loud.

Any-who…I hate that these games cause the worst to come out in people, but at the same time I am so excited. If everyone plays their cards right, (no pun intended) this could be great for the state of Kentucky. Praise God the game is moved to another state. Poor New Orleans, not sure they can handle the hurricane that’s about to hit! These people need to add “Ballgame” insurance to their policies.

The weekend’s been full of ballgames, kids and snot. Gotta love the snot. It’s amazing how much pain this can cause a body. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. The only good part about being sick is the loss of appetite. Guess who didn’t lose their appetite? This LUCKY girl. I’ve eaten all weekend. Well, praise God! I would have hated to wakeup thinner after the weekend.

My husband’s friend, Jay, who is a dentist, told me to put on a sweat suit, thick socks, toboggan and gloves on, and go to bed. He said this would “sweat” the virus out of my system. I made it to bed with everything but the gloves and toboggan. I woke up with nothing on but my t-shirt. Apparently my sleeping self outsmarted my awake self and just waited until I was asleep to dress appropriately for bed. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a review of Dr. Jay’s virus remedy. I can say I feel a bit better today; maybe I “sweated” half the virus away.

As the middle girl was praying tonight I heard her say, “God, watch over our coordinates.” I had heard her say this before and wasn’t for sure if I heard her correctly. Tonight, I stopped her and asked what coordinates were. She said, “I have no idea, I heard you say it one night and thought it must be important so I better start praying about it.” Oh my goodness…I guess I was praying while high on Benadryl and speaking Pig Latin. I must pray alone on those night. Who knows what else she’s praying for. At least I know we will never get lost.

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  1. Ha Ha- My hubby swears by sweating a fever/virus out! Craziest thing I've ever heard LOL!