Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peg Rolled Jeans

Guess what’s baaaaaaaaa-aaack!?! Peg rolled jeans! Double take the picture again…

I know! I’m sooo excited. I loved it in high school – hated for years – and now can’t wait to have it back! I think my big hair could see a comeback also. My husband will be so excited! He would do a rock star kick, if he could. Noooo, he's not too old. His legs are short.

I found this beauty tonight on Pinterest…you know, the place where my real life lives. Looking at Pinterest is so much better than trying to act out all of these ideas. My hair is so tired of trying to be braided and wrapped around my head 40 different ways. I’m thinking I am hair inept.

We are planning our summer vacation and it’s looking like we are going to finally take our children to Disney World. We have been successful in breaking this parenting commandment for 15 consecutive years, but I’m tired of being a sinner. So it looks like we are Disney bound. I’m excited about having a hat with extra ears on it, spending all our money on seeing over sized animals that talk, and with any luck Prince Charming will apologize for never showing up when I was 8. Loser!

Searching for a place to stay is exhausting. I’ve narrowed it down to two.

The Eldest Girl headed out today to compete in the State DECA competition. They compete tomorrow and we will find out Tuesday if she won. Fingers, toes and hearts crossed that she does her best. I am hoping the fact that she left her DECA blazer behind is not a sign of how prepared she is. She sent her dad a text to inform us that she had forgotten to pack the blazer. She knew he wouldn’t care and he could be the one to break the bad news to me. Not sure why she didn’t call me. It’s not like I would let my head spin around more than 3 times and breathe fire very long. Silly girl.

I just gave her a dose of her own medicine. I simply text, “Dishonor on your cow!”

She’s going to wear her friend's. Problem solved.

Prayers requested for many things today, I am looking at a large/expensive undertaking personally and our family is looking at taking on a large responsibility.

And then there’s that Disney thing. Pray I don’t need medicine to get through it all. The husband and I prefer long lazy beach days.

Cheer’s to Springing Forward today; at least it was easy finding a seat at church today.

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