Friday, March 16, 2012

Lonely Ole Night

It’s rare for me to use the term bored, but tonight I am restless. I have thousands of items on “the list” to accomplish but I can’t seem to muster enough energy/desire to accomplish any of them and I am very unsatisfied to spend the evening in bed with my beloved Pinterest. Odd feeling.

Yet, I find myself back in the studio tonight, with a turned off microphone in front of me. This is where I end up every Friday night about this time.

I know the above sentence sounds like some beginning/ending to a deep novel or great movie. One of those you get lost in the characters serious, twisted life of love, desperation or pain. My lonely Friday night date with my workplace is not one of desperation for something more. It’s simply; I drive Ms. Daisy to work every Friday night.

The Eldest Girl is our Saturday morning newscaster and she records her earliest morning newscast the previous night. Kentucky law will now allow her to work before 7 a.m. due to her age.

I am not having a love affair with my office. Even though I did watch a portion of the TV show “My Strange Addiction” where a guy was in love with his car, Chase, and he would have “relations” with “Chase.” I think I will stop here and pray for Chase. Poor car.

In other 76th day business:

I have one itchy eye. Darn allergies. I guess to see the cup half full I am thankful I do not have two itchy eyes. If I put Benadryl cream in my eye, would this be bad?

I am overwhelmed today by the generosity of my family. My Eldest Girl earned her way to compete in the DECA National Competition but this means lots of money for plane tickets, registration for us both and hotel rooms for several nights. Without asking, my family began to invest into her education and experiences in life. I prayed God would provide the provisions needed and he surely was faithful. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate their generosity and we are truly blessed.

Welp, Ms. Daisy needs a ride home. See you next week. I’ll be the girl packing the gun after tomorrow. I suggest Kevlar vests for all who may be around me anytime soon. No, I don’t have an anger issue, I have a clumsy issue. Would hate to “ooops” you to death.


  1. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more! You have a wonderful sense of humor :)

  2. Thanks, Angie. Good luck in your third pregnancy. I love you children's names. Can,t wait to see what this baby,s name will be. ;)