Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Grew Up To Be Wierd

The husband strolls past our bed and I yell, “Hey, brush my teeth while you’re in there.”

“It won’t be too long ‘til we’ll be sharing a pair,” he quickly replies.

Was sharing teeth during our golden years part of our wedding vows? I don’t remember this and I didn’t read the fine print. This is why you should NOT get married at 19. Forget all the other reasons you might think would keep you from marrying at such a young age. This is the reason. You probably get a second hand marriage certificate that has fine print like the above problem. If I had only waited until 20, I would get my own set of teeth…

Doom’s Day Preppers…has anyone else seen this? At first, this thing seems crazy. At second glance I am seeing empty milk jugs all over my house and I have been signed up to take my CCDW license this Saturday. Thanks husband. He thinks it’s time I learn to use my gun and be able to have it with me. I think he’s turning into one of them. Not sure if I should be concerned or start saving the seeds from my food. Crap, I never wanted to be the weird family. This is such good news, the kids will be thrilled.

In other 75th day business:

I picked my NCAA bracket today based on coin flips, school names that were fun to say and home teams. So far, I haven’t missed any!

Oh, just learned we have to build a bunker to be a part of the Dooms Day Preppers people. This could be fun. (rolling eyes)

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