Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flock of Teenage Boys

Skanky Dwarf….that would have been my name today if I had been banished to the woods to live with small men. I smelled affright after my 10 hour day of progress. For the first time ever I started, finished and cleaned up a project, all by my grownup self. Last night I sanded the peeling paint off of my back doors, cleaned them and my back porch columns and today I painted my back doors and changed the look of my front door. I painted the side lights white and stained the door a much darker cocoa brown. Love it…the stain under my fingernails looks skanky.
Tomorrow, I’m painting the columns. I put an ad on facebook for a landscaping company that works for free to show up today; nobody showed. If they show tomorrow, they are sooo FIRED! Losers! I only watched the last 9 minutes of the UK vs. U of L game. They were tied up and I knew my husband was freakin’ – sure glad they won! Eldest Girl hosted a UK viewing party for about 10 teenage girls. I was upstairs and heard some commotion outside. I looked out to find about 10 teenage boys playing ball in my driveway. I feel a little bit like the famous quote, “If you build it they will come.” Except, if you host them, they will come. We have a couple teenage boys in the neighborhood and they have friends who visit but they migrate to my house. I have no idea why…
On the same note, I got my CCDW license in the mailbox today. *clearingthroat I’m watching Footloose now, it’s good to see that Aerial is still a skanky sl*t in the remake. Would have hated for the produces to have cleaned her up. However, I still love Willard. My fingertips are sore from using a razor blade to scrape paint off of the glass. Didn’t know fingertips could be sore, never used mine before. Going to go and soak them…


  1. Your door looks fabulous! I totally start tons of home projects, finishing them seems to be an issue for me!

    I hear ya on the neighborhood migrating to your house. I like to think I'm just a cool momma is why. My daughter assures me that I am WRONG!

    Hope your fingertips are feeling better. No woman should have to walk around with sore fingertips LOL :)

    Have a nice Sunday dear friend :)

  2. LOL - Thanks Angie, I'm sure I'm not the cool mom, in fact, Middle Girl tells me I should not speak when at her school, just to prevent embarrassing her! LOL