Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whirlwind Leap from Wedding Dress to Mud

I set out this morning to help a friend pick out the wedding dress I wanted for her to wear, and I ended up standing in rain boots in squishy mud most of the day, draped in a Fire Chief’s raincoat.

Luckily, she was late getting ready. Our adventure lasted about two feet of backing out of her driveway, when I received a text that a tornado had hit the county.

Bless the hearts of those five families who have lost their homes. So very thankful that no one was fatally wounded today, God truly was watching over.

I end the month of February saying that I was successful in my quest to stay out of Wally World. I’m not sure how much I saved but I know some of what I did spend went to small town American stores, where the cashiers I have dealt with have been appreciative of my business. As I am appreciative of their help, pleasant small talk and the fact their tone does not make me feel like a criminal when I use a coupon. Plus, I stocked up with Rite Aid this week. Great sales, great offers – spent about $112 on $350 worth of products. Badabing! I also have not stopped and bought a big, delicious drink every morning. (New Year’s Resolution) This has saved me approximately $43.20.

You can get one to two weeks circulars ahead at Rite Aid; this way you can plan your shopping trip ahead of time. And IGA has started the $5 off deal similar to Kroger’s that we all love AND they have a weekly sale day that is awesome AND, I’m not done yet, they double coupons now!!! I’ve heard great things about Priceless Foods in E-Town. A Grayson County man manages it, so our money is coming back home.

In other Leap Day business:

Well, it’s off to properly mourn my favorite Monkee, Davey Jones.

Thankful Leap Year is only once every four years.

The boy made a cell. He used part of a silk flower for the nucleus. I haven't looked at my arrangements to see which one is missing a flower head. I expect an A on this project!

Tomorrow is March 1st and I will add a new goal to the list. I am planning 31 days of Bible memory versus with my children. I will let you know how this goes; I found a formula on Pinterest. Ohhh, I just remembered, I haven’t pinned in days. See ya…

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