Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Praise the Lord for beautiful flowers. His “real nice” delivery of “Happy Valentine’s Day” that he promised, sounded more like “Happy Victorian Day.” It could have been his mouth pressed into a pillow and his eyes still closed when he decided to say it. No I was not suffocating him.

I swear.

Maybe his poor delivery is to blame on his staying up until 1:17 a.m. I’m sure the entire time was spent standing in the mirror, clearing his throat and practicing. His friend Jay was here. I’m sure he used him as a practice prop.

The kiss was good. If Jay comes in using Chap Stick, I will be…well, ashamed. I think I understand the song, “My Funny Valentine,” now.

Pink roses delivered during my morning show were just the sweetest thing. At lunch the endearing husband said, "What'd the card say."

Did he just admit he didn't sign the card?

The babies woke up to stacks of chocolate awaiting them to descend the stairs. Even Cady got chocolates. She spent the night with Eldest Girl last night.
The kids swear Cupid leaves the chocolate for them. I am not sure why. I even leave cards signed from mom & dad and they refuse to believe it’s from us. ??? Isn’t this backwards?

What a busy day, both our boys (ours and our weekend foster) had basketball games. The middle girl had a volleyball game, the eldest girl had DECA practice and we had a meeting. We learned that the DECA finalists who are attending National Competition will spend about $800 each to go. That means the same amount for mom. Wow.

All donations can be made to me. I accept checks, money orders, all major credit cards, cash, gold or chocolate coins. Please, and thank you.

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