Friday, February 10, 2012

Me No Speak Pig Latin

Yakkity Yak – Don’t talk back. Just need to unload this bit of chatter in my head before I move into the next portion of today’s writing.

I learned many things this morning:

o A new chapter for the radio station as we welcome a new face/voice - a younger vibe to the building. I want to give her proper “props” but I am aware as I type, I just classified myself as the older vibe. Hmmm….I guess being a vibe - at all - is good. She came into my office and asked me to pray with her as she embarks on her new endeavor. I’m thankful she is aware not only will I prayer for/with her, but "Prayers without Ceasing" is as a part of my life as breathing.

o Michelle, one of our Producers, came in to say “Thank You” for helping her. I was unaware of what I had helped her with until she elaborated. “I have been wanting to read my Bible more at night but fail to get to it,” she expressed, “But I saw you reading yours one morning and realized that I can do that. I have the app now on my iPad and read while at the front desk, not busy.”

o I do not like McDonalds Cherry Pie. Apple will be my preference.

o Valentines from sweet, little girls make me smile. But K105 T-Shirts make sweet, little girls jump up and down.

I express most of the above to say this, you really don’t know how you impact someone, BUT you will impact them through your actions. I thank God for his use of me. Little do these girls know, they are the answer to my prayers. Thank you, Jesus.

As I roll into Day 2 of coughing with crud in my chest, I pause to thank the child in my vehicle who decided to bathe in hand sanitizer. She was unaware of my chemical allergy BUT if I had known she needed a bath, I would have rolled the windows down and drove through the car wash. This would not have been anymore uncomfortable than the flu-like symptoms and cough I have now. Benadryl helps the cough, but most of my readers do not speak Pig Latin and that is the language I write in when dosed-up on Benadryl.

However, several years ago while the Husband and I were watching Brad Pitt’s “Inglorious Ba$!^#ds” My Mallory did point out that it was a hard movie to follow unless you spoke Pig Latin. I think I can deduce this to say, maybe on Benadryl days I should work for a German or French newspaper.

And the pondering continues.

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