Sunday, February 19, 2012

In My Red High Heels

It’s been five days since I have written down my whereabouts or what-abouts. Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I am now upon the eve of the anniversary of my career in the news world.

Six years have come and gone and as I stand here gazing back I see a total recreation. Is it due to K105? No, but having a job I love and being in the business to be ‘In The Know’ has forced me to cram lots of information into my brain that inevitably has changed me. If I quit learning, I quit writing. If I quit writing, I quit working.

Knowledge is power; correct? Wonder at what point I get to control the world? I will keep cramming...When the time is upon us for me to rule the world, be prepared to submit yourselves to new rules and regulations for swimwear at public water parks.

This brings me to my birthday. It’s also upon us. And guess who got a super HOTT swimsuit for her birthday? ME ME ME!!! My momma bought it for me. It’s a perfect one-piece, turquoise, Tommy Bahama and it is super-duper HAWT on me! Well, that’s a total LIE, but it perfectly accentuates my elbows!!! They have never looked better!!!! Couldn’t be happier when I have it on (until I open my eyes, that’s disappointing. If we all close our eyes when I model it, we will all see its true perfectness). The $128 price dropped to $30 is also perfectness!

I thank my momma today for a great birthday outing. My nails look luscious and match my new Red High Heels!

I stop here to say this. My scanner just alerted a police officer that he needs to look for a woman who is walking the highway in pajama bottoms. I wonder; did her family leave her at the Wal-Mart alone because she embarrassed them by wearing her pajamas out in public?

This was interrupted by this, “Hey momma, wanna see me juggle?” – the boy. And he sure did! I’m so proud of my little circus freak. He started his career into the circus world when he was three. He learned to ride a bike without training wheels and he rode his little 12” bike around – looking like a circus act.

The husband and I got a date night Friday. The grocery and dinner. Does this spell old?

Middle girl woke me Saturday morning with her stomach virus; she battled all day but in the end, she won. I got to sanitize bathrooms, throw away the toothbrush and change sheets. Church this morning was amazing, as always. Went to see my nephew, who is only five months old, in the hospital, he has pneumonia and RSV. Made a trip to Rite Aid to score a few great deals and all these things I did, in my new Red High Heels.

So I ponder, is the power really encompassed in knowledge or a great pair of shoes?

Really, Jesus is the reason for my recreation; that birthday is also upon us - February (2008).

That’s where my strength comes from; “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you,” – Acts 1:8


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