Monday, February 13, 2012

I Have An Evil Laugh.?.

“I’m gonna give you a real nice “Happy Valentine’s Day” tomorrow,” – endearing husband.

I wonder if he’s down stairs, in his bathroom, practicing in the mirror.

As we were leaving Subway today I told him I was on my way to Rite Aid to buy his Valentine present. He quickly turned, cocked his head, pointed his finger at me and said the above statement.

I have witnesses to this. If it’s not a “real nice” delivery of the statement, I wonder what weight a witness will carry in court. (rubbing chin)

Why do they fight? My youngest two are trying to play volleyball in the boy’s room. I hear laughing and “Oh my GOSH,” (in an angry voice). Think they have a net setup in there? I’m afraid to go and look. I’m not sure why all of the boy’s new furniture looks like it has been put in the dryer.

“Make her leave my room; she’s doing that cheerleading stuff and knocking pictures off my walls.” – Eldest Girl

“Tell her to come here.”

“Are you being annoying? Are you cheerleading?” - me

No, I put my feet over my head and it hit this one stuff. Is that your evil laugh? You do that before you say, “You need to stop.” - Middle Girl

Who knew I had an evil laugh.

In other 44th day business:

I gorged myself on Dove Dark Chocolate candy today; not mad about it – yet.

My Wally-World boycott is well underway. It’s been 12 days since I have been there. They say 13 times forms a habit. May have a new habit under my belt.

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