Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday –Love, Mother Nature

Yes, to answer the question that I asked several weeks ago – if you pull a grey hair, two WILL grow back. We found two grey hairs on the child again. This is so weird. But, the grey hairs were in totally different places. Who has grey hair this young? Should I be concerned?

As I sit here, the eve or losing my youth, I would like to thank Mother Nature for not forgetting my birthday. While shaving my legs I found her gift – varicose veins – they almost twisted around my thigh and spelled Happy Birthday Old Lady. I would have accepted a card with the same message but the witch didn’t ask. Oh well…a jar with a slotted lid is added to the counter, beside the other slotted lid jars, to accept donations to have this gift “returned” – thank you plastic surgeon in advance.

I have spent this last day of 35 clipping coupons and getting those organized, writing news stories about a gas station stabbing, watching a bit of the Oscars, went for a workout and Church…love me some church. In the mood of the evening I would like to thank the Academy for not mentioning my birthday tonight. That would have been embarrassing. They really are very good to me.

Well, goodnight to the first 35 years of my life. According to the book of Psalms, the average life span of a human is 70 years; I’m headed into the 2nd half. Amen.

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