Monday, February 6, 2012

Goodbye Wally, You’re not Worth Losing My Religion

I have officially decided to go on a “Wally-World” fast. After Thursday’s experience, I decided to go back Friday. Mistake. My cashier was so hateful that I almost stamped my foot and called her a Lint Licker. I think I will just try and break my dependency on the mega-monster before I shame my King. I can already see that this will save me $. It would have to since I – like many – are drawn to the shiny things that I do not need, but purchase anyways. If I am headed somewhere else for groceries, I will make for sure I have a detailed list of what I need, and nothing more; most of these stores don't offer much more. This has to be a financial break through.

I think I will write a book, if this works. Goodbye Wally – You’re World Has Gotten Too Big. Plus, I feel better about investing back into small town America.

The day grew worse with items jumping up and down on my nerves. I ended my day with not pulling far enough into my garage and shutting the garage door on my vehicle. I have a nice scratch down the back of my SUV to commemorate the event. I just walked into the house, sat down on a bar stool, lay across the counter and shook my fist. I think the word Hades slipped from my lips.

Saturday rolled around and the Middle Girl had a full day of Volleyball in Elizabethtown. I enjoyed watching all the girls play; my butt grew numb but the Middle Girl played well!!! She’s always a great time; she loves to be with her momma.

Sunday came and the Patriots lost the Superbowl. My house was cleaned over the weekend, that’s always a plus. This means the kids will not face the wrath of the health department; for now - cannot promise much more than that. We always teeter on that fine line of being shut down.

"Hot Lips Houlihan" pleaded guilty this morning, on the way to school. He apparently has already turned from his evil ways and has given up kissing at school. My sharp parenting skills kicked in and said, “That’s why you have pillows, they’re for kissing.” He laughed.

It was the Eldest Girls turn to say the Morning Prayer on the way to school. About two lines in I hear, “Shoot!” I turned to look at her and she says, “I forgot to print my lab report.” I can assume she is not talking to Jesus at this point, even though I believe he has the power to print her report, spell check it and drop it from the sky. She chose to go in and print it herself. I liked my idea better. It would have been a much more interesting story on-air this morning. With lab report in hand, she rounded out her prayer with a “Thank You, Jesus.” I second that – since it would have been me backtracking and trying to print said report. Her luck, I would have accidentally printed a recipe for a bomb and she would have been expelled.