Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Magic

Frick Yes! As Eldest Girl says…my husband totally got it right and bought me the best birthday present! Three pieces of Vera Bradley I had been wanting for traveling. AND, he scored a great deal; he got all three for the original price of one AND free shipping. Love it and love him. I squealed like a little girl when I saw the box on the front porch. Can’t wait to tell him what he bought me. He knows me so well…

My birthday is not for a couple of days but we (I) established a few years ago that we would celebrate birthday WEEK. It’s really the only way to fully encompass all of the magic. I have never dreaded turning a new number but this one has me a little in the dumps. I’m beginning to feel….O…L…D. *Bleck* Maybe the hairnet I scored at the lunchroom last week will cover the gray hair. Shame there wasn't a facemask involved. Maybe I will find a burglar OR a hunter to shadow for my next adventure. This is surely the only face cream that will cover fine lines and wrinkles - camo paint.

Haters gonna hate but I don’t understand. Why do people immediately act ugly about things that are supposed to be encouraging, kind or supportive? I have started a new segment at work called, “These Are The People In Your Neighborhood.” So far, the response has been overwhelming. I really have been surprised at how much people love the concept of seeing what someone else’s daily job is like. It’s walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, through me. If you haven’t seen my first video of working with the awesome lunch ladies at the middle school, you can find it on our website. Regardless of the quality of my work, the idea is to show the community each other’s daily tasks, in hopes of creating understanding, support and hopefully new appreciation for the people in your neighborhood. BUT, even with all of the support, one wise mouth is able to be my Debbie Downer. (shaking fist) Amazing how one smart-alecky comment can change your attitude? Well Miss Downer, I would ask to shadow you but I see you don’t have a job. Moving on…

I also got Lindt truffles from my honey and the nicest card. He really did buy these. I’ve eaten enough today to be mad about it. He also took me and the babies to eat Mexican.

We celebrated my nieces 2nd birthday today. She's so stinkin' cute; I could pinch her cheeks off! I may put her in my new big bag and steal her. She would fit like a puppy. I LOVE that kid!

I guess I will sign off and spend some time with him. These are amazing bags. He’s such a good boy!

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