Monday, January 2, 2012

Two For The Money

“Momma, Momma, she got me a Vera Bradley for Christmas,” says Middle Girl, as she runs out of school today. What? That’s awesome but I can’t compete with friends who buy Vera Bradley purses for their friends as gifts. Those Aeropostle house shoes I made middle girl pay for (life lesson) don’t look near as appealing as a gift now for said friend. “Momma, please take me to Whoop-De-Doo Designs and let me see what else I can find her.” The dumb part – I wheeled into Whoop-De-Doo Designs to allow her to search for items to compensate for said VB purse. Luckily, the store was closed and I have more time to ponder my next move. Now comes the dilemma. I know the tricks of the trade and I know that this $44 purse surely was not bought at full price. Do I expose the bargain and chance devaluing her thoughts of the gift? Do I explain it could be a re-gift and that this is not a normal price range 12-year-old girls spend on each other? Do I make her stick to her original gift? Do I make her find cheaper friends? DANG YOU OTHER MOTHER FOR PUTTING ME HERE! (But thanks for the purse; I have the perfect Navy sweater to carry it with!)

I guess I must expose the truth and let the chips fall as they may. The truth will set you free! Maybe she will see the value in bargain shopping and become my protégé.

I was in a similar situation Christmas Eve with the Boy. He received a pair of Nike Shox that he had been eyeing for months. Original price - $120. Misty’s price - $10. No, I didn’t steal them and my self-proclaimed fame did not score me the deal. I watched them for a while. They went on sale. I received a $25 off coupon of $75 or more. I positioned myself in the store on a day that shoes were buy one get one half off. I needed new zumba shoes so I bought the Shox as my half off. At this point they were marked down to $70. This made them $35 and I used my $25 off. Bota-Bing!

Back to the original story – I decided to expose my thrifty deal to the Boy to test his level of “See What I Have.” You never know when it hits, or how hard, but everyone goes through this in life. So the litheness test was placed at his feet; no pun intended. I said, “Boy, guess how much mom paid for your shoes.” He quoted several prices. I said, “$10.” Wait for it…I got a fist pump! (Wipe sweat from brow) I was afraid he would look at his shoes as devalued, BUT he couldn’t wait to kick up his foot at every family member at Christmas and yell out, “Look at my $10 shoes.” All were wowed with his shoes, and some got to taste the $10 shoes, since the Boy’s ability to judge distance lacks.

What can I say, some deals really pack-a-punch!

In other 2nd Day business:

Snow is falling and causing lots of accidents, luckily my City Council meeting is moved to tomorrow. The most tragic accident was the loss of the trampoline Santa Clause left for the Thomas children. It bit the dust. So did their trust in dad’s ability to tie things down. Sure glad it was a Black Friday deal.

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