Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's How We Roll, With One Eye Open

Text Message 11:36 a.m. from Eldest Girl -- “Will you make that chicken stuff for dinner? The kind we had when Alisha was there?”

Ok let’s stop here. Chicken stuff? There are only a couple recipes that you can use with Filet Mignon, salmon or say, brisket, but CHICKEN? There are like a blue-zillion! And since Alisha is one of blue-zillion children that are at my house regularly it took me a minute to narrow done what “stuff” she was craving. BUT, since I am a genius mom, I was able to peg this “stuff” after only two more clues were given. Cheese and noodles. The two items that turn all things casserole.

“Will you?” – Text message two hours later. “Yes,” I replied. “God Bless You,” said Eldest Daughter.

After a mad dash through Wal-Mart to grab what I needed, I realized that I picked the wrong day/hour to be at Wal-Mart. Can we say beginning of the month? Eieieiei. I envisioned myself perched upon the Coca-Cola display shaking my fist and yelling, “Smufity Smurfin’! You know their Smurfin’ coming, why not open more registers!” But I don’t curse. The curse of no cursing. So, it was one of the loudest yells I have ever heard inside my head; gave myself a headache.

I decided the Eldest Girl will learn to cook her favorite “stuff.” I make her put plastic gloves on to work with the raw chicken and, in great detail, explain how to not cross contaminate the counters and her hands. She did really well! Until she had to take the gloves off. Yep, she got them off by grabbing the contaminated fingertips with her bare hands. *sigh

My husband gave the girls their first lesson in “Male Tactics” today, even though he didn’t intend to. He will be attending a fish fry this evening. He sent me a text earlier and offered to bring me home a sandwich. I smiled; how sweet. He’s always making for sure I am taken care of. (See my eye lashes fluttering?) The Middle Girl read the text to me and I had her reply, "No thanks, can't have that right now." He arrived home and the Middle Girl says, “I want you to bring me a fish sandwich.” He said, “If there is any left.” “You were going to bring Momma one home.” What happened next is the lesson.

“Yeah, but I knew she couldn’t have one,” explained endearing husband.

I guess I should be pleased that he knows I will stick to my convictions, but I shouldn’t be surprised that he cashed in on it. “Learn from this girls, just learn from this.”

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The low gas tank goes ding, ding, ding, all – the – time. Just a little diddy I wrote this afternoon while rolling my eyes at the prospect of having to get gas…again. Feel free to use if/when necessary. I don’t copy write any of my music. The amount of running that comes with three children is expensive, exhausting – wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“Keep writing about me and we are going to get into a blog war,” – it’s the endearing husband speaking again. Before I can get out these two words, “You blog?” “I can learn,” rolled off his tongue. Quick witted AND cute…I must denote this. I guess I just did.

Back to the Eldest Daughter, who never speaks but we learned recently that she’s a great rapper (according to the kids at school). Dad finished the casserole as she received a phone call and walked away. Attention Deficit Disorder? Fake phone call to let Dad do the work? Or just Teenager? Being Endearing Husbands child, I’m going with fake phone call.

The Boy’s lesson today? While headed out the door to the basketball game dad pulled out $10. The Boy said, “I have $10.” “Give it to ME and I will double it at the card game tonight.” Not sure that’s a lesson or something I should have seen coming and blocked like a linebacker.

Well, I’m headed to church for prayer service. We like to keep all things in balance at the Thomas household, that’s how we roll.

In other 3rd day business:

Saturated Kleenex with eye makeup remover, rubbed over eyes, began to scream and spit. My tip of the day? DO NOT sit eye makeup remover next to skin care toner, especially when both bottles are purple. I did call myself genius above, right? If there are typos, blame the eye that refuses to open. The other is open, just slightly crossed.

I learned from a friend tonight. A grandmother grieving her daughter’s miscarriage of a 9 week pregnancy. While praying with her I wondered, how can some women abort babies and some grieve so much a baby they have never even seen or held. God reminded me – We walk by faith, not by sight. This woman of faith knows God’s love and has such faith that she is able to love on a deeper level; through faith. She inspires me.

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