Monday, January 2, 2012

Pondering What Happened On Day One

It’s a New Year, thus bringing new inspiration to build on foundations I’ve laid the past couple years. There are several to work with. Better get out my spackling since I am sure a few are cracked!

My bargain hunting and coupon addiction is part necessity and part game. I am hoping to be more consistent in the game; spend more time making out menus from sale items instead of bulk buying and choosing dinner from the stockpile. My kids are afraid to walk into the pantry, in fear of the possibility of drowning in cereal boxes. Great deals at $1-$1.5 a box but unfortunately they don’t like the idea of fruit loops for dinner; especially after they had them for breakfast, lunch and three snacks. Not sure why this isn’t working.

WATER…oh no…here it comes. The dreaded water resolution; did you hear the echo? (Hand upon Bible) I vow to not buy a super big, supery, delicious diet coke fountain drink every morning on my way to work. Instead, I will bring water from home in one of my many water bottles. Water bottles that I bought thinking it would inspire me to do this before now. Fail. Thankfully, this doesn’t start today since today is Sunday and I don’t have to be at work. Thank you, Jesus for the small things. This will also save me $283.40/year. Yippie!

I nearly lost my life in the middle girl's closet. Where did it all come from. I grabbed a tape measure and made for sure it was a standard size closet after she got it all pulled out. I think the girl may have a secret lair in her closet.

Why are children not born with hygiene “know how?” I failed somewhere to realize that I must show, re-show, show again and then do-it-myself. This conversation was heard in my house yesterday at a decibel only dogs could hear. “The toothbrush must hit all teeth, all sides of teeth and the tongue. What the heck, be an over-achiever and brush your gums, too!” I say every day, “Did you use mouthwash?” “Why yes wonderful mother, I did,” reply the children. BUT, upon asking to see how they are using the mouthwash, there was none to be found in their bathroom. Quizzical isn’t it? And the pondering continues into the 2nd day of the year…

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