Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pants on the Ground!

Well that’s fantastic news. To find out that I just washed my face, and the clean towel out of the closet smells like DANG IT!


I’m not sure how my perfect children failed to get the towels out of the washer before they soured. This is completely beyond me. Have I mentioned that I sold a kidney to buy my new skin care set? Having to use twice the cleanser in a night is not in the rationing!

The best part of this ordeal, I now have the enchanted job of finding every stinkin’ towel; pun intended. I can only imagine how attractive I will be to my husband when he finds me with my head inside the cabinet, legs hanging out and the sounds of sniffing – like a drug dog – exuding.

We’ve spent a vast majority of the weekend celebrating all of the holidays for the Thomas’. It was a Sweet 16 for the husband & I, and another one of my babies stepped into teenage land. I had not looked up – until today – what the traditional anniversary gift is for the 16th Wedding Anniversary. I know that the 15th is Crystal but wasn’t for sure about the 16th. Jason told me it was “Trinket.” And that was the reason we ended up at the Dollar Store for our Anniversary.

The day was normal. He text me to say he was going to send me flowers but decided to take me out to dinner.

I stop here and reflect back on the fish sandwich episode. (Refer to Day 3 blog) Was he really planning to take me out? Because he knows it’s the Middle Girls birthday and she does NOT like for us to celebrate our Anniversary on her birthday. BUT, to my surprise I came home to a man in pants! Yes, PANTS! He never wears anything but shorts. He also put gas in my car, took me to Mi Camino AND to the Dollar Store to let me use my coupon that was going to expire that evening. It’s funny the little things we do for each other - this many years in - that we know will mean more than material gifts.

We got away with all of these shenanigans because the Middle Girl ended up at a friend’s house for a few hours.

Back to the Dollar Store, he got lost in the store’s merchandise. “Ohhh, the trinket aisle!” – said the husband with his high, squilly voice and waving hands. He found the cat a house. She loves it! He found me the nicest card, let me read it and then put it back. He’s the best!

I do want to take a moment to say out loud that the 17th traditional gift is furniture. I’m pretty sure that will be just as perfect as the pants! The pants I found on the ground this morning, picked up and put in the laundry. Snap back to reality.

The Middle Girl took a posse to the roller rink today to celebrate “13” - we also had McDonalds, Baskin’ Robbins and then to Kohls so I could use my Kohls Cash that was about to expire. The girls had the most fun in Kohls. I felt like the mother who had bought her toddler the world for Christmas and at the end of the day, the toddler loved the cardboard box the most.

As a mother of two teenage girls, and the wife of a pant-less man, I covet your prayers!

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