Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Locks of Love?

“Momma, somebody has cut a big chunk of his hair,” – hairdresser.

As we are getting the Boy’s hair cut Monday afternoon we learned that someone has taken it upon themselves to relieve the boy of an inch of his locks in the back. I am taken back to the scene in ‘Great Balls of Fire’ where some girl cuts a lock from Jerry Lee Lewis’ hair and he yells, “That girl just cut my dab-blum hair.” The girl claims it’s a keepsake.

The Boy looks down and grins and says he has no idea who has cut his hair.

So ole “Hot Lips Houlihan” has a following I am assuming. We heard from a teacher when he was in 5th grade, that the 3rd graders had an “Eli” Fan Club. I thought she was kidding until a parent saw us talking about it on facebook and said her daughter about passed out in the car telling her how Eli had said “Hi” to her that day.

The Eldest Girl kept claiming he knew exactly who cut his hair and she put her money on a 12-year-old stalker type female. Her solution? Give him a chili bowl haircut! His name IS Elijah Gabriel, the Amish hair style would appropriately fit his name.

Maybe the kid is like Samson, all his cuteness and power to swoon the girls, is in his skater-boy hair. Maybe if we shaved his head, his chapped lips would heal? Interesting…Sell the kid to the Amish? They do make some pretty amazing bread. I wouldn’t leave him there forever, just until he’s at least 30 and I have found his perfect bride.

The kid did hit 3 three point shots Saturday and totaled 18 points in his game. Not that he had a parent there to witness this. I worked early, came home and fell asleep, and dad skipped to watch UK. I was told he was on fire! And social services were called to report that he did not have a parent present to see the “fire.” I knew they would be called someday…just thought it would be the lazy maid’s inability to keep the house sanitized. (Maid being me) She stinks at her job. I think I will fire her – hate to do that in such a bad economy.

In other 24th day business:

The Eldest Girls haircut is tha bomb!

Racked up on .25 cent Christmas goodies today!

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