Thursday, January 5, 2012

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

Good thing Ole Girl put on her track suit this morning instead of choosing something more appropriate for work. Before 8:00 a.m. I realized that I would be spending the better part of my 8 o’clock hour back-tracking. I really shouldn’t be surprised, since I have such a horrible memory, that both, deuce, duo, two of the children forgot their books for school.

As frustrated as I was that I had to head back home and grab the goods and repeat the path I had just traveled; drop-off at high school and drop-off at middle school, I remembered that I also had to head back to church and grab my glasses I left laying on the alter last night. But somehow I was still able to find a way to blame their father.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I knew I had to go home and grab two sets of books, I had decided to stop at Dan Powers to have them listen to the funny noise my front wheel is making. As me and service man are riding around in my automobile, the Middle Girl calls to alert me of how she NEEDS me to bring her the books NOW.

“Momma, I forgot my books, I need them now.”

“I will bring them in a little while; I’m at the dealership letting them hear that noise.”

“Momma, when are you going to bring them?”

“As soon as I can.”

“But momma, when are you going to bring them?”

“As soon as I can, if I knew a time I would tell you.”

“BUT momma, when are you going to bring them?”

“I have already answered you.”

“But momma, when are you going to bring them?”

“I’m not going to answer you again.”

“But momma, when are you going to bring them?”

“I have to go Middle Girl.”

“But…” click.

Did somebody put a broken record on the phone at school? You may be surprised to know that at this point in my day, I am still semi-sane even though I am hearing the William Tell Overture in my head as I mounted my trusty steed (Enclave) to make the mad dash.

Let’s recap. In a matter of 40 minutes this morning I dropped off three kids, rode around with another man, argued with a 12-year-old and almost lost, went to two schools and church.

The clock strikes 9 a.m. Work. On-Air. Off-Air. Record news. Mounting trusty steed again. Home. Lowes. Sams. Skin doctor. Oh crap, my phone just decided to alert me that Eldest Girl has a dentist appointment 30 minutes before her appointment.

Tag, you’re it. The Husband already was leaving work to pick up Middle Girl from volley ball and now he’s getting a text that he has to grab Eldest Girl from DECA practice and take her to the dentist. “I will pick her up on my way back through,” I promised.

There he was in the waiting room, holding his hand out waiting to tag me into the ring. Back to work for him.

Thank God for him.

How exciting to learn that the Eldest Girl’s hygiene is one of the best of all doc’s patients. YAY! Sunday’s teeth brushing throw down paid off! I feel less guilty now and pretty secure that if anyone called social services over Sunday’s deal that dirty teeth won’t be listed under “areas she failed as a mother.”

The Pearly White Patient and I head to the grocery and then home to cook dinner. Chef Boy R’Husband already had some of it started. I finished it up and I guess we’ll see who comes along to do the dishes. (Seeking volunteers – We don’t drug test those working for free)

In other 5th day business:

I did however find something in my adventure today that is a bit disturbing. Refer to picture. As I was walking through Sams I saw these Nintendo DS gift sets for pre-school ages. Gaming system, game and snuggly animal. However, one gift set packaged with the cutest gray elephant was coupled with the game “Battle of Giant Mutant Insects.” What? Not sure what to think of this. However, I have to think some disgruntled employee is still laughing at his day’s work and stroking his weird little beard.

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