Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peeling Away the Layers

I would like to thank the Academy, my husband and children who are my inspiration, my parents and of course my manager for this award I was given today.

There was no naked, golden man holding a sphere given to me. Not a moon man, or even a post-it note saying “Blogger” award. Really I just got…well, she said my name out loud and called me consistent. My manager, Christy, (I know you read manager above and thought I had a “handler” but I really just meant my manager at work. Sorry for the confusion, I can see where that could happen) gave me this award today because I am the only one still blogging. Well, it’s no Moon Man, but I’ll take it and say thanks for noticing me.

I bought all of this today for $31. The regular price at Wal-Mart would have been $54. How? Price matching and coupons. Very simple really, just pull your ads and take them with you. The store policy says you don’t have to have your ads but it’s easier if you do, they tend to question a lot.

Eldest Girl is unhappy with me tonight. She loves concerts and wants me to take her to Nashville on a Wednesday night to see One Direction. She had asked this before and I agreed (not knowing it was a week night) that I would take her IF SHE bought mine and her tickets and paid for gas. Frick frack, the girl has a job now. NOT ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. She was not pleased with this answer. I took her to see Avenge Sevenfold a year ago. That was a nightmare. I literally prayed most of the concert. True story. Did I mention we were in the mosh pit?

The Middle Girl however is very pleased with her mother tonight. I typed this conversation as it happened. “Tomorrow is gymnastics – been waiting forever. I’ve been begging, begging, begging, begging (tappers off), Ohhh Avery texted me.” She gets the A.D.D. from me. She really has been asking me to sign her up for gymnastics since she was 11. Everyday this kid would ask me if I had been successful. The teacher only takes so many at a time, I’m really not as mean as to put her off for two years. But now I have a visual of her (13-years-old, 5” 7”) standing with a group of five year olds waiting in line to have their turn learning a sit and roll over flip. You know, the kind you learn when you’re five. Maybe I should have gotten an earlier start on this “getting my kids involved” thing. Procrastination is the devil. At this rate the Eldest Girl won’t get her driver’s license until she’s 40.

After months of deliberation, I have a new, very expensive, skin care set from my skin doctor; been using it now for five days. My skin is on fire and layers are peeling away. I have swollen areas and my lips are doing this weird dried, light pink thing. Beauty is pain, right? I am hoping when all this peels away my inner beauty is finally revealed. She looks just like Cindy Crawford. My luck I will look like Ugly Betty AND I spent the Boy’s entire college fund on it. Aaaaiiii, he didn’t need it anyways, he’s headed to the NBA. BUT, I may need Middle Girls fund to repair the damage to my face. This is why I buy cheap stuff, it doesn’t really work therefore making it pain free and my inner beauty continues to hold on to the prospect of finally coming out.

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