Friday, January 13, 2012

I Walked Uphill Both Ways to School

Is it normal to find grey hair on a 12-year-old? I’m not sure if this means I’m driving them crazy or it’s a sign that society is way harsh on our youth. Not to embarrass the 12-year-old, I won’t mention which one of my 12-year-olds it was found on; the eldest or youngest. Oddity for the day around our household for sure! It was plucked, we will see if two grow back.

So they got to miss their first day of school today after yesterday’s blizzard of 3/10 of an inch. That’s the true measurement from the radio station. Let’s hope the new guy knows how to use the measuring stick.

I get a phone call that says, “Come home and drive me to Aunt Buffy’s so I can play. She was just here 10 minutes ago and I wasn’t ready to go then, I was outside playing on the trampoline.”

Ok, let’s stop here for an informational session. The child is outside playing in the snow. Aunt Buffy was just there offering a ride. Aunt Buffy lives so close that if I sit on my porch at the same time Aunt Buffy showers, I can tell you if she shaved her legs or not. (Get some blinds Aunt Buffy)

Middle Girl says, “No, it’s too cold outside to walk to Aunt Buffy’s. You should come home from work and take me up there and then you can go back to work. What would she think of you if I walked up there by myself?” Good thing I dye my hair on a regular basis or I would be bald from plucking all the grey that I am sure has to be there.

Well, if Aunt Buffy thinks badly of me, I will share if she shave’s her legs or not. Stay tuned.

So after all this, I got to pull out my first official “I Walked To School Uphill Both Ways” story. I said, “Aunt Buffy and I walked all over the hillside in the snow when we were half your age and by ourselves! That’s all we had to do. Get up there.” I realized what had happened after I got off of the phone.

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