Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot Lips Houlihan

“I heard a bunch of stories today about you kissing girls,” yelled Middle Girl as she jumped into the car after volleyball practice today.

“I haven’t kissed any girls,” proclaimed the boy.

“You better not! Momma, how old does he have to be to kiss a girl.” – MG

“What? You’ve kissed a girl? You better keep those lips to yourself or I will tape them shut and home school you!,” –brilliant mother.


I only share this bit of information to share the dad’s reaction. But before I do I need to make you aware that thy Boy has suffered from horrible chapped lips for weeks. Scary looking lips.

I’m in my usual spot - working away - when dad learns of today’s events and the obvious bad gossip that Middle Girl was given at school. (Of course its gossip, my children are perfect. Only their eyes steal answers, you cannot hold the rest of the child responsible. Refer to previous blog)

“Found out why the boy’s burning through chapstick!” – Laughing Dad “But oh Hot Lips Houlihan says it’s because he licks his lips.”

Awhile later I hear from downstairs the song ‘Your Kiss is on my List’ blaring. The boy with chapped lips and a red face run into my room.

“Daddy’s playing songs about kissing and his friend Tim told me a disturbing story about a girl, a movie and a bad kiss.”

I’m not sure. I’m just not sure. Home school the boy, tape the husband’s mouth shut, lace the boy’s chapstick with hot pepper juice…what happened to that three year old that was crying at the ballpark – “What will we do with daddy when I marry you, momma?”

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