Monday, January 9, 2012

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

The chaos in my A.D.D. mind really is very indicative of my days. The normal morning routine went off without a hitch. Wake-up, go downstairs, start coffee, drink water, drink chocolate almond milk, pour half a cup of Southern Butter Pecan creamer, pour some coffee over that to heat-up the creamer, up the stairs, wake the children, into closet to get ready.

After everybody gets settled into the car the middle girl says “Let’s start a new morning routine called ‘Does Everybody Have Everything?” That’s a great idea, since none of them can remember a thing. I blame their father. I applauded her and the other two for having everything and then she says, “Momma, did you get your water bottle?”

Ok, now I’m back in the car strapping back in WITH my water bottle.

After about three hours of work I decide to spend my lunch break coming back home to shower and re-get ready for the day. No I didn’t forget to shower this morning, I didn’t have time. And since two teenage girls used all the hot water last night, I was left with coming home at weird hours of the day to bathe. This has to be against the law somewhere. Good Lord above, how did my Daddy handle 7 girls?

Take Two: Headed back out into the world with shaved legs and deodorant, things are feeling alright! I’m now leaving my SUV to have a break pad looked at, and the dealership gives me a Hummer to drive. Uhhh, have you seen gas prices? Got anything smaller? I am now crammed into something not much bigger than a shoebox with wheels. I find myself daydreaming about taking the front seat out and just sitting in the backseat to drive. I would have done this if the front seat would have fit in the trunk but the car’s windup key took up all the room. The dang thing gets 40 miles to the gallon. It should, considering it went faster when you turned the heat off, and it buzzed – like a bee. Good thing I smell good, my feet are in my face.

Spent the rest of the day working, CASA meeting, Clarkson Commissioners meeting and now I’m home by 8:00p.m.

“Do we have cat litter,” asks Eldest Girl. Yes, why? “We need it for our boat.” (I’m just going to walk away from this one. But yet I wonder; who has a boat? Are her and cat running away? Think the cat talks? Should I drug test the girl? Drug test the cat?)

In other 9th Day business:

I did learn today, however, that seeds can predict the weather. If you cut persimmon seeds in half this time of year the inside is black with a white cord down the middle. If the white is shaped like a spoon it means “shoveling snow” and if it looks like a fork it means “breaking ice” and I don’t remember what a knife symbol meant. Most of these seeds were spoons so it looks like snow is a comin’!

After months of review – Aveeno hand lotion is the best made. No greasing feeling, no smelly perfumes and it works!

Ohhh, Honors Chemistry Class has a boat. Still think I’m going to drug test my cat.

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